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How to settle the alarm that the tomcat catalog on the ESC node taking too much space?

Publication Date:  2012-11-14 Views:  73 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
version: R1C01
There appears the alarm that the ESC node’s “/opt/galax/tomcat” catalog taking too much space on the OmsPortal, how to deal with this alarm?

Alarm Information
Handling Process
Reason: the startup script logs “bms.log” and “poescript.log” in the ESC node’s Portal module processes “bms” and “poe” don’t have the backup mechanism periodically, after the system has run for a long time, its logs will increase continually and cause the two logs “” and “” taking 2G space, so there will appear the alarm “catalog taking too much space”.
Restore method: compress the “bms.log” and “poescript.log” and make a backup manually, reduce the use rate of this catalog, login in the ESC node via “putty.exe”, and execute the following command:
1、mkdir -p /tmp/bmsdir
2、cp /opt/galax/tomcat/logs/bms.log /tmp/bmsdir
      cp /opt/galax/tomcat/logs/poescript.log /tmp/bmsdir
3、cd /tmp/bmsdir
4、tar -zcf bmslog_1220.tar poescript.log bms.log
5、mv bmslog_1220.tar /opt/galax/tomcat/logs
6、cd /opt/galax/tomcat/logs
7、cat /dev/null > bms.log
      cat /dev/null > poescript.log
8、rm -rf /tmp/bmsdir
9、Execute “ls –lh” to check whether the logs “bms.log” and “poescript.log” have become small?

Remarks: If it isn’t needed to save the logs at the site, execute the 7th step of the above steps, write the null content into the “bms.log” and “poescript.log” file. If it needs to save the logs, then all the above steps must be executed in turn.

Root Cause
CPI has described this content, but it’s too simple to guide the operation on site.
Notice: Don’t delete the “bms.log” and “poescript.log” file directly, because the process is using these two files, delete them directly may cause the process abnormal, and the catalog space can’t be released in fact.