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A method to settle the error of the DHCP configuration while the desktop cloud service VDI is installing automatically

Publication Date:  2012-11-14 Views:  104 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
The related version: V100R002C01SPC100
While using the VDI automatic tool (VDesktop Install Assistance) to create the VDI infrastructure virtual machine, there appears the error prompt “configure the DHCP IP scope failed” and the installation stops, click the “start” at the top left corner, but the reinstallation can’t take effect.

Alarm Information
We find the following error prompt in the log information column at the bottom of the installation interface:
2012-05-18 18:19:11,835 DEBUG VDSLib.RMTManager [24] copying C:\SmartInstall\Config\VDesktopConfig.xml
2012-05-18 18:19:11,842 DEBUG VDSLib.RMTManager [24] copy procedure stoped,parameters:C:\SmartInstall\Config\VDesktopConfig.xml \\\c$\AutoInstall\server\config\
2012-05-18 18:19:11,842 DEBUG VDSLib.InvokeRMT [5] C:\AutoInstall\Server\VDesktop6000.exe /i DHCPMaster  /language zh-CN
2012-05-18 18:19:11,842 DEBUG VDesktopInstaller.Flowpage [1] VDS-AD-1's work mode:Install
2012-05-18 18:19:12,578 INFO VDesktopInstaller.Flowpage [1] DHCPMaster: check the DHCP parameters
2012-05-18 18:19:12,579 INFO VDesktopInstaller.Flowpage [1] DHCPMaster: starte the DHCP service
2012-05-18 18:19:46,421 INFO VDesktopInstaller.Flowpage [1] DHCPMaster: configure the DHCP service
2012-05-18 18:19:47,119 ERROR VDesktopInstaller.Flowpage [1] DHCPMaster: configure the DHCP IP scope failed(ERRORCODE=I030036)
2012-05-18 18:19:47,922 DEBUG VDesktopInstaller.Flowpage [1] Executed failed : rmtexec.exe
2012-05-18 18:19:47,922 DEBUG VDesktopInstaller.Flowpage [1] Execute 'C:\AutoInstall\Server\VDesktop6000.exe' failed with error code '136'
2012-05-18 18:19:47,923 ERROR VDesktopInstaller.Flowpage [1] install the role “DHCPMaster” failed, return the error bit: 136

There is ejecting the following prompt information:
Handling Process
Configure the DHCP server manually through the following steps:
1. Login in the DHCP, open the configuration tool of the DHCP server:
Start→Administratvie Tools→DHCP
2. Add the “Scope” manually:
Unfold the corresponding domain, right click the “IPV4” at the bottom, select “New Scope”, and there will eject the adding guider. As the following illustrated:
1). Click the “Next”
2). Enter the name and description of the “Scope”, and then click “Next” to continue
3). Enter the beginning IP and the ending IP, configure the subnet mask, and then click “Next” to continue
4). Add the “the excluding IP scope” if needed, and then click “Next” to continue.
5). Chose the DHCP lease term, and then click “Next” to continue
6). Select “No, I will configure these options later”, and then click “Next” to continue
7). Click “Finish” to complete the configuration

3. Configure the DHCP service parameters:
After adding the “Scope”, we need to configure the corresponding parameters. As the following displayed:
1). Right click the “Scope” added just now, select “Properties”, modify the lease term in the “General” option as to infinity. As the following picture displayed:

2) Unfold the “Scope” added just now, right-click the “Scope Options” at the bottom, select “Configure Options”. Then, in the ejecting configuration window, select the following options in turn in the “General” option and make the corresponding configuration:
003 Router:
Add the corresponding gateway of the added “Scope” segment at the bottom
006 DNS Servers:
Add the DNS server address of the domain which the current domain in at the bottom, add both the master and the spare.
015 DNS Domain Name:
Add the complete domain name at the bottom, such as:
After completing the above configurations, click the “confirm”. Then we can see the configuration items at the right of the window.
4. Start the DHCP service
Right click the “Scope” added just now, select “Activate” to activate it.

Root Cause
1. Check the detail error:
Open the log file named as the current date time in the followed catalog of the DHCP server virtual machine:
C:\AutoInstall\server\log\ 2012-05-18.log
1) Confirm the error virtual machine and the error time:
According to the error time, we find the following error log, we know this problem is caused by the script configuring the DHCP Scope failed.
2012-05-19 02:19:48,697 Thread:[1680] Priority:[ERROR] Class:VDS_management_studio.source.application.installation.DHCP.DHCPsetUp Method:setUp2_configDHCPServer Line:0 Excute Command <netsh  dhcp server scope add iprange > Failed.
Hence, we have confirmed the reason of creating the virtual machine failed.

After happening this error, check the detail error through the logs firstly, then take the corresponding measures to settle or avoid this error.