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After the virtual machine sharing the printer, it registers to the DDC slowly

Publication Date:  2012-11-19 Views:  96 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
In the desktop cloud with the version of R2C00SPC200, set the sharing printer for the deployed virtual machine in the business hall, restart the virtual machine and we find we can’t login in it (both via TC and SC). Check the virtual machine’s status on the DDC, it’s “Not Registered”, ping the virtual machine’s IP through DDC server, we can’t ping through it; login in the virtual machine through VNC, we find the virtual machine can ping through the IP of the DDC, WI and ITA; we can’ t ping through the virtual machine’s IP through the WI and ITA servers; in a word, the virtual machine can ping through the outside, but the outside can’t ping through the virtual machine. Login in the virtual machine via the VNC and recheck the virtual machine’s firewall, we find the firewall is abnormal, we can’t implement any configuration or operation for the firewall.

Alarm Information
Handling Process
1. Login in the virtual machine via VNC and cancel the virtual machine’s sharing, then we can login in the virtual machine via WI fast.
2. Modify the value of “DependOnService” as “RPCSS LanmanService” in the catalog of “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Spooler” in the virtual machine’s register, add the service correlation “”, as the following displayed:

Then, modify the startup mode of the “PrintSpooler” service from the manual to the automatic. Restart the virtual machine, we can login in the virtual machine via WI fast.
Root Cause
1. Analyze the virtual machine’s log, there is the “7022” error in the log of the application program, as the following displayed:

It shows that the “Server” service hasn’t started, but the corresponding programs with “Citrix” are all dependent with the “Server” service, so these programs can’t be started, thus the virtual machine can’t register to the DDC. In about 15 minutes later, after the “Server” service has started, the “Citrix” can start now, so it causes the process of the virtual machine registering to the DDC taking a bit long time.
2. The “Print Spooler” manages the entire local and network printing queue, controls all the printing work, starting the “Print Spooler” service depends on the “lanmanserver” service (it supports the computer to print file through network and nominate the channel sharing, the displayed name is “Server”), after the virtual machine’s “Citrix” has installed, it changed the sequence of the system’s starting application program, if there has set the sharing printer on the network, then it will make the “Print Spooler” service starting firstly, and the “Server” hasn’t started, so the “Print Spooler” service can’t start normally, we must wait for about 15 minutes and then the “Server” service has restarted automatically, and finally it can be normal.
3. The firewall is in the abnormal status is also caused by the “Server” service hasn’t started.