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The right of the xml template file at the CNA node has been modified causes creating the virtual machine failed

Publication Date:  2012-11-20 Views:  65 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
There is the version of V100R001C01SPC105 in a telecom platform, the engineer created a batch of virtual machines in a cluster, and found there was one virtual machine couldn’t create successfully each time, checked this cluster’s CNA nodes and the false location was the same CNA node, there wasn’t virtual machine at that CNA node.

Alarm Information

Handling Process
1. Collect the logs of the abnormal CNA node (see the attachment), after the CNA node mirroring image file to the IPSAN dd virtual machine successfully, it begins to create the virtual machine’s xml file according to the xml template file, but there appears error while reading the xml template file, and causes it creating the virtual machine’s xml failed, and finally creating the virtual machine failed, the detail information is as followed:
[Tue Mar 13 15:16:43 2012][013718][014589][EUCADEBUG ] system_output(): [/opt/eucalyptus/usr/share/eucalyptus/euca_rootwrap /opt/eucalyptus/usr/share/eucalyptus/gen_libvirt_win_xml --othernics=0]
[Tue Mar 13 15:16:43 2012][013718][014589][EUCADEBUG ] system_output: enlarged buf to 512
[Tue Mar 13 15:16:43 2012][013718][014589][EUCADEBUG ] system_output: read 0 characters so far (max=512, last=yes)
[Tue Mar 13 15:16:43 2012][013718][014589][EUCAFATAL ] /opt/eucalyptus/usr/share/eucalyptus/euca_rootwrap /opt/eucalyptus/usr/share/eucalyptus/gen_libvirt_win_xml: No such file or directory
[Tue Mar 13 15:16:43 2012][013718][014589][EUCAFATAL ] Failed to create libvirt XML config for instance i-365805F7
2. Check the xml template file at the CNA node where creating the virtual machine failed.
“/opt/eucalyptus/usr/share/eucalyptus/gen_libvirt_win_xml”, the file content is accordant with the other CNA nodes, but the file’s right is “664”, however the normal right is “755”. Confirm the reason of the modification of the file’s right with the engineer, we know that: at the site, in order to settle the problem that login in the virtual machine via VNC mode there displayed 10 bit colors, the engineer modified the xml template file content of each CNA node, and the right of the file had been modified too, now the right of the CNA node’s xml template file hasn’t been resumed.
3. Modify the right of the xml template file at the abnormal CNA node “/opt/eucalyptus/usr/share/eucalyptus/gen_libvirt_win_xml” as to 755, and then this CNA node creates the virtual machine successfully.

Root Cause
According to the flow process of creating the virtual machine at the CNA node, the possible reasons of creating virtual machine failed at the CNA node are as followed:
1. There is problem of the hardware at the CNA node causes the resource is insufficient, such as the virtual kernel CPU, virtual memory is incorrect.
2. The CNA node downloads the mirror image from the ESC failed.
3. The route between the CNA node and the storage is abnormal.
4. The NC process of the CNA node is abnormal.
5. The CNA node structures the virtual machine xml failed.

Don’t modify the configuration file content and the file’s right of the CNA node casually, it may cause some hidden problem.