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Settle the problem that the BE backups the N8000 cluster NAS share resource reporting error

Publication Date:  2012-11-27 Views:  99 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
A project has set the N8000 CIFS share, and totally set 4 share resource, and match to 4 IP address. In the Normal mode, create a new user group, and the user name is: “xueliugen”, rights: read write.

The IP corresponding with each resource is displayed as the followed:
In the BE, for the above four share resources, there appears the shadow disk containing the “$” mark while adding the user-defined settings, and we just can operate the shadow disk, it just includes a part of the resource, i.e. we can only backup a part of the CIFS share resources.

Alarm Information
Handling Process
From the above experiment, we can settle the problem easily.
In the IPs corresponding with the 4 CIFS resources, take one IP which belongs to the two nodes and add it to the user-defined resources respectively, then it can find the four CIFS share, and can backup them normally.
For the experiment as the example, the four share resources:
ceshi1    belongs to the N8000_1 node
ceshi2    belongs to the N8000_2 node
ceshi3    belongs to the N8000_2 node
ceshi4    belongs to the N8000_1 node
We just need to add the “” and “” into the BE, and then we can find the four share CIFS resource which need to backup.

Root Cause
Because the BE hasn’t the public material to explain the share resource which can support the cluster NAS system, then we build the exercise environment to test it. The N8300 has created four new CIFS resources as followed:

In the Normal mode, create a new user group, and the user name is: “xueliugen”, rights: read write.
The service IP addresses corresponding with the CIFS shares are as followed respectively:
Add all of them to the user-defined resources of the BE, the outcome is as followed:
See from the above screenshot, we find the fault recurrence. Test to backup the resource, we find only the resource marked with “$” can make backup, and the resource without the “$” can’t make backup.
Observe the belonging cluster nodes of the 4 service IP, as the following picture displayed:
The IP in the N8000_1 node:

The IP in the N8000_2 node:

Compare with the above two nodes’ IP, the four CIFS share IP, and the resource with the “$” mark which can backup in the BE user-defined resources, we can find the following rules:
In the BE user-defined resources, after adding the service IP shared by the CIFS, in the special service IP, we just operate the share resource in the cluster node which the service IP belongs to, and we can’t operate the CIFS share resources belongs to the other node.
We can conclude: the problem is caused by the BE hasn’t the backup function for the cluster NAS, so there has appeared this “$” format used for the DFS identifying the resource internally.