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After practicing the S2600 disaster recovery, restart the AIX system but can’t login via telnet

Publication Date:  2012-11-27 Views:  76 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Take the S2600 as the disaster recovery’s spare end, configure the snapshot permission, and map the disaster recovery end from the LUN’s snapshot to the AIX server for disaster recovery practice. The AIX server’s version is 5.3-0012, through the LVM mode to manage the disk.
After mapping the snapshot to the disaster recovery practice AIX server, unload the file system, and close the management group (varyoffvg). Stop the snapshot mapped to the disaster recovery practice AIX server, restart the AIX server, it can’t be restarted, although it can ping through the IP address, we can’t login via telnet.
We find there displays it is trying “varyonvg” volume group in the AIX server.

Alarm Information

Handling Process
1. Draw out the fiber cable in the server end, restart the AIX and enter in the system.
2. Execute “smitty vg”, and configure the volume corresponding with the S2600 as not mounting automatically while starting.
# smitty vg
In the menu, select “Set Characteristics of a Volume Group”-> “Change a Volume Group”, as the following displayed, now we change the volume name, and set the option “Activate volume group AUTOMATICALLY no at system restart?” as “no”
Press Enter AFTER making all desired changes.
                                                                      [Entry Fields]
* VOLUME GROUP name                                   oradatavg
* Activate volume group AUTOMATICALLY                 no                                                                
    at system restart?
* A QUORUM of disks required to keep the volume       yes                                                               
   group on-line ?
  Convert this VG to Concurrent Capable?              no                                                                
  Change to big VG format?                            no                                                                
  Change to scalable VG format?                       no                                                                
  LTG Size in kbytes                                  128                                                               
  Set hotspare characteristics                        n                                                                 
  Set synchronization characteristics of stale        n                                                                 
  Max PPs per VG in units of 1024                     32                                                                

And then confirm the operation.
3. According to the 2nd step set all the volume groups in the S2600 as not mounting automatically while the system starting.

Root Cause
Check the prompt in the controller, and then check its storage status, we find the snapshot LUN mapped to the AIX midrange computer is in the “off” status, i.e. there isn’t data in these LUN and they can’t be ridden and written.

In the first disaster recovery practice, after loading the volume, set all the disaster recovery data volumes as not mounting automatically while the system starting via the “smitty vg” menu.