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A Message Indicating Abnormal hima Process When a License Is Imported

Publication Date:  2013-05-04 Views:  226 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Product and version information:
 N8500V100R001
 N8500V100R002
 N8500V200R001
When a command is executed to import a license, the screen output displays the following information:
N8000> License import /home/support/License.dat Unsuccess : Command executed error, maybe hima is not ok
Shell indicates that the hima process may be abnormal.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

Step 1 Use the Console IP address to log in to the active N8000 node as user support.
Step 2 Run rcn8kload stop.
             Note:The rcn8kload command is used to manage scripts of hima, hima_connector, and ism_agent.
Step 3 Check whether the command is successfully executed.
 If a message indicates that the command does not exist, the node initialization configuration is abnormal and causes the rcn8kload command execution to fail. In this case, perform the following operations.
1. Initialize the N8000 again correctly.
            Note:For details about how to initialize the N8000, see the related product installation guide from
2. Import the license again. If the problem persists, contact R&D engineers for assistance.
 If the command is successfully executed, perform the following operations.
Step 4 Run rcn8kload start.
Step 5 Import the license again. If the problem persists, contact R&D engineers for assistance.

Root Cause

According to the command output information, the hima process is probably abnormal. The hima process is a group of processes including license the management process and affects the license importing if it is abnormal. Perform the following operations to check the hima process status.
1. Log in as user support and run ps -ef|grep hima.
2. Check whether the command output displays only the /OSM/bin/hima_daemon process or no process.
− If yes, proceed with the following operations.
− If no, contact R&D engineers for assistance.

Note:The normal command output includes multiple hima processes, as shown in the following:
hhs8000200_01:~ # ps -ef|grep hima
root     20477     1  0 Apr22 ?        00:00:05 /opt/HS/bin/hima_connector
root     20554     1  0 Apr22 ?        00:00:02 /OSM/bin/hima_daemon
root     20840 20554  0 Apr22 ?        00:00:04 [himamast]
root     20950 20554  0 Apr22 ?        00:00:04 [himanf]
root     25219 23346  0 12:58 pts/3    00:00:00 grep hima