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VU script not working

Publication Date:  2013-07-28 Views:  129 Downloads:  1
Issue Description
Customer needs a two level voice promt and the one that the LMT is generating is not working as it should since seems to be generating a wrong script
Alarm Information
Handling Process
Verified and analyzed generated Script:

I those pics we can see that the first constant declared is number 1 that has to be dialed in order tro be transfered to the subscriber number 1000, this is stated in the red squared area when we see that the calledNum has to be equal to onegrouplist0 that has the number 1 as assigned value, and then we see the Calltransfer that points to onenumlist0 that has assigned the subscriber 1000.

In the next picture we see that the LMT missplaced the declared constants and this creates the problem on the script.

We see in the green square that the constant is repeated and missplaced  since the number we are expecting to be dialed is the number 1 which is assigned to twogrouplist, therefore that this will never work and the same error is commited in the second number as we see in the next picture:

Also the playcollect values are wrong and non usable values are used by LMT instead (Values meaning is explained in the attached document.


To fix this error message is only neccesary to replace the missplaced constant for the right one, since the LMT takes the second declared constant this one should be changed for the first declared constant for this script to go, we can see the same behavior in the second declared action therefore that the same action should be taken an donly have to replace the missplaced constant.

Root Cause
LMT software is generating bad VU script command lines and this is creating a conflict whenever anoter script is generated or whenever customer wants to modify his IVR, the LMT missplaces some variables that are declared at the beggining but later those variables are not being used also some values used to collect the dialed numbers are changed to unusable values and therefore that the costomer cannot work with the generated script.
This is a common mistake generated by the LMT therefore that is mandatory to check that the declared constants are in their place regularly the first rule for the VU script command is correctly declared, therefore that we can compare the first command with the first one declared in the next level oif they dont match is neccesary to verify the declared constants.