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FusionAccess miniVDI nodes abnormal status during power up

Publication Date:  2013-08-28 Views:  203 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

When power up MiniVDI MCNA server, after half hour waiting, we use the command "checkNode" to check the status of the minivdi system, all the status is abnormal except the MCNA.

Alarm Information

1. Use checkNode command, get "abnormal" status of the nodes except MCNA.
2. OMS and vDesktop portal cannot use.

Handling Process

1. Check Networking. First in MCNA OS check if can ping management gateway. If can not, check the switch working normal or not.  Check switch configuration like port VLAN, gateway, cable connection. etc.
2. If networking is OK, then go with below steps:

1). In MCNA system, execute below command to check the port of CRM VM, which is 5900

# virsh dumpxml i-CA000001
    <input type='tablet' bus='usb'/>
    <graphics type='vnc' port='5900' autoport='yes' listen=''/>
2). Use software “vncviewer.exe”login CRM:
3). Turn to CRM start screen, found the filesystem report error, input root/GalaX088, (if not appear CRM01 login, need input password, then input “SingleCLOUD1”)
then use “fsck” to repair the filesystem.
#fsck –y /
4). After repair finish, press “ctrl+D” to restart the system.  Use vncviewer  reconnect CRM,will see CRM start normally ,show CRM01 login:root (means CRM start complete)Password: SingleCLOUD1 
5) Use putty ssh MCNA, run checkNode command again, about 10 mins, all Node start normal.

Root Cause

In this case, because already wait for half hour, and can ssh to MCNA OS, so can be sure server hardware is OK. So try below two ways to analyze root cause:
1. Networking failure. May cause by switch hardware failure, switch configuration missing, cable issue or port configure issue.
2.MCNA server file system failure, as a result ESC,CRM,VDS-AD,VDS-MGR can not start.
Use command “xm list” check the nodes status of Galax8800, found only CRM node which ID is “i-CA000001” have start, “-b----”. Other nodes like OMM “i-DA000001”, ESC “i-EA000001”,IMGS “i-FA000001”, don’t have message output, this means they are not start. Guess because CRM start abnormal.


Unexpect poweroff or abnormal shutdown will cause the filesystem damage.
If want shutdown the server, need in BMC(iMana web) of MCNA server, click safety shutdown.  Or ssh MCNA, use command “shutdown -h now”