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U1910 intra-office phone makes outgoing calls sometimes ok, sometimes not ok.

Publication Date:  2013-12-24 Views:  120 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Singapore site, U1910 use E1 PRA trunk docking operators, an incoming telephone call is normal, but when intra-office phone makes outgoing calls sometimes ok, sometimes not ok.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
According to the actual situation, how to make a outgoing call by default time slot 1-10. The site is a special case, the lack of corresponding documents, other similar site can reference :
as for U1910, the config is as following:

config add office selectcode no 99 repeatroute no //config an unrelated office selectcode
config add office no 99 officeselectcode 99 //config an unrelated office no
config modify cvp type dtu tkcincard 11-31 officeno 99 //bind the non 1-10 time slot to unrelated office no

then do the same test, now is ok.

Root Cause
1.outside users call to intra-office, any call is normal, this means the pra trunk docking is ok.
2.intra-office phone calls outside PSTN user,sometimes ok, sometimes not ok, also hear the busy tone. then we test all the intra-office phone, have this phenomenon.
3.test every time only one intra-office phone makes a outgoing call, so remove the pra trunk filled situation.
4.E1 hardware wiring check no problem.
5.finally used ucmaint capture: 64206920 dial 96420005, a total of 10 tests, 7 times they were able to connect, eighth times to tenth times, a phone screen shows user is busy, and also hear busy tone, capture results are as follows:

[0x000004aa][pri.c 9187][CRNO=  782] PRI_SendMsgToQ921,send q921 msg type is SETUP
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22845]PRI_PrintMsg
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22868]ST_Q931_Q921_MESSAGE Head:-- 0x 00 31 00 00 00 00 00 29 19 00 bb 0c 18
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22875]PRI_PrintMsg,ST_Q931_Q921_MESSAGE PrococolID 08 ; CRLen 02 ; CRV 00d8 ; MsgID 05
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22878]PRI_PrintMsg,ST_Q931_Q921_MESSAGE Data:
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22888]a1 04 03 80 90 a3 18 03 a1 83
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22888]8d 6c 0a 40 80 36 34 32 30 36
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22888]39 32 30 70 09 c0 39 36 34 32
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22913]30 30 30 35
[0x000004aa][pri.c 2163][dwTsn= 2048] PRI_ProcPDMMsg,The PDMType = 106
[0x000004aa][pri.c 5289]PRI_ProcDLData
[0x000004aa][pri.c 5318]PRI_ProcDLData,[Tsn=2061]
[0x000004aa][pri.c 5440]PRI_ProcDLData,[CRNo=782]
[0x000004aa][pri.c 5512]PRI_ProcDLData,receive q921msg type is RELSECMP
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22845]PRI_PrintMsg
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22868]ST_Q931_Q921_MESSAGE Head:-- 0x 40 36 00 00 00 00 00 0b 00 00 02 01 50
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22875]PRI_PrintMsg,ST_Q931_Q921_MESSAGE PrococolID 08 ; CRLen 02 ; CRV 80d8 ; MsgID 5a
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22878]PRI_PrintMsg,ST_Q931_Q921_MESSAGE Data:
[0x000004aa][pri.c 22913]08 02 82 a2
[0x000004aa][pri.c 7555][CRNo=782][Tsn=2061] PRI_ProcQ921Releasecomp

Contact the operators regularly, they inform the customer of the 1 E1 only bought 10 time slot , 1 to 10 time slots can be used by default ,but  the time slot is in the alternateselection, so choose  non 1 to 10 time slots to call will call failed.