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U1930 outgoing and incoming call automatically hang up issue

Publication Date:  2014-01-19 Views:  142 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
An Indonesian custom site, U1930 connects to AT0 with IP phone 7910, no matter the incoming call or outgoing calls,nearly after 2 minutes, the caller and callee are automatically hang up.
U1930 version V100R001C01SPC800.
espace 7910 version V100R001C01SPC500.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
the channel partner hopes close silence detection so as not to appear automatically hang up phenomenon, but R & D  confirm the SPC800 of U1930 open silence detection by default, used to prevent the bit line, if two parties do not talk to each other (default is two minutes), U1930 think the remote end hang up phone, so it will hang up the O port. Preferably not close silence detection, but we can set the default time longer, such as setting up 5 or 10 minutes.
Modify the silence detection command structure:
config at0 silence detection switch <on|off> detecttime <1-65535> silencelevelgate <-45~-23>
Among them, switch is a required parameter, detecttime and silencelevelgate is an optional parameter;
Switch is a silence detection switch, off  means the silence detection function is off, on means silence detection function is on;
Detecttime is the time span, the default value is 120 second;
Silencelevelgate is the threshold, the default value is -45db, it is better not modify;
the three parameters are default value, means if the sound energy on the AT0 line lasts for120 seconds less than -45db, PBX thinks the end is hung up, so it will hang up O port.
Assuming open silence detection, and set the check time span into 10 minutes, the command is as following:
config at0 silence detection switch on detecttime 600
Root Cause
according to this phenomenon, need our channel partner to do the test as below:
1. do the intra-office calling(remove AT0 effect),test ok.

2. remove U1930, directly use phone to connect to AT0 to make incoming and outgoing calls, test ok.

3.U1930 connection to AT0 with IP phone 7910, no matter the incoming call or outgoing calls,nearly after 2 minutes, the caller and callee are automatically hang up,before we meet the issue like this: 7910 under PBX makes a outgoing call to mobile phone, sometims can get through, sometimes can not. after upgrade 7910 version to SPC700, the issue is resolved. so for this site issue, we also upgrade 7910 to SPC700 and test, issue can not be resolved, the result is as follows:

4.Further communication and understanding with channel partner:U1930 does not have this problem, in the SPC600 version of the scene, after upgrading to SPC800, the channel partner makes a outgoing or incoming call , if two parties long time don't talk, after 2 minutes the phone will automatically hang up. But when they continuously talk once the calling is get through, after long time test, the two sides do not hang up.

5.I doubt this is a new version SPC800 of U1930 for the AT0 connection opening silence detection by default. Login to the U1930 command line,do the following command:
show at0 silence detection parameter
SilenceDetEnable=1 means open,SilenceDetEnable=0 means close.
check that the silence detection is open.
do the command to close the silence detection:
config at0 silence detection switch off
test again, if two parties long time don't talk, calling will not be hang up.
other country sites if the U19XX upgrades to SPC800 or above, or directly use the SPC800 version, can refer to this case if meet the above issue.