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T2000 fails to recognize N4SL64 in OSN7500

Publication Date:  2014-03-05 Views:  585 Downloads:  20
Issue Description
When the logical board is not added to NE, in T2000 it shows UNKNOWN board (light green color on slot) and when the logical board is added using U2000 (V100R003) or Optix navigator v6.2, no board will be shown on those slots in T2000, like its empty. But because the actual board configuration differs from NE data on T2000 NMS, operator is not able to Query the cross-connections in SDH service configuration of T2000 software of that NE. and cross connections and board configuration for those Slots where contains N4SL64 boards (in our case 2,3,17,18) is only accessible using navigator or U2000.
Alarm Information
NO BD installed alarm on GSCC
BD mismatch
Handling Process
Since when the board is installed we cannot see them in our NMS T2000, we must use Navigator to remove the board.

This command will work only if there is no cross connection configured for that board on the NE. if there is any, navigator says the board has XC and cannot be deleted. In this case we must remove boards cross connection and check the boards cross connections with Navigator and using below commands:
This command will show you all available cross connections configured on that SDH NE. please note that all cross connections shown in this mode are unidirectional. Meaning if there is any Bi-Directional cross connection, it will show that cross as 2xUnidirectional cross connections back and forth.
To delete the cross connection for one board we must have its slot and port and Timeslot number which can be seen using :cfg-get-xc:0,0 command.(Picture is attached)

For instance if we want to remove cross connection between board in slot 3 port 2 timeslot 1 and slot 8 port 2 timeslot 1 which is in VC4 type, we should issue this command:

After that we can delete that board.

After deleting board information from the NE in T2000, one new board (Light green as shown in attached picture) will be shown and the board name will be UNKNOWN. At this stage you must right click on the board and add that board as T2SL64, the board will be added but after some seconds its color will turn to blue, meaning the logical board differs with physical board.
Then you must delete the board using T2000 by right click on the board and choose delete.

After it is deleted, T2000 will detect UNKNOWN board again and after some minutes UNKNOWN will change to T2SL64. When this happened you can right click and use Add physical option.
The problem will be solved as I experienced and this board will remain without any issue like it was T2SL64 from the beginning.

If any strange alarm appeared on the added board, repeat deleting and adding again according to above procedure. That will solve the issue.
Root Cause
According to version matching table T2000 (V200R007C03SPC0/4)  is not compatible with this version of OSN 7500 V100R010C03SPC208 ( and some strange issues may happen when using T2000. This issue can be one of them.
Please try to use U2000 software to manage OSN 7500 V100R010C03SPC208 (
Using the mention method, T2000 and navigator will recognize the N4SL64 board as T2SL64. Meaning if you issue: cfg-get-phybd or :cfg-get-board command, instead of N4SL64 it will show T2SL64.