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Unable to get IP address using 3G SIM connection in USG2110

Publication Date:  2014-08-31 Views:  191 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
After a customer configured 3G connection in USG2110, he found that he couldn’t get IP address from wireless network.
This is the topology:

After the customer finished the configuration, he tried to connect to network using 3G:

But the test result was failed as follows:

The related configuration in USG2110:

interface Cellular5/0/0
link-protocol ppp
dialer circular-group 0
sim 1
interface Dialer0
link-protocol ppp
ppp chap user user
ppp chap password cipher %$%$+^{Z718|)Wc{J|Gg.M7R{sja%$%$
ppp pap local-user user password cipher %$%$at']9EVG5=6y[J$g,$r5{KB9%$%$
ppp ipcp dns admit-any
alias Dialer0
ip address ppp-negotiate
dialer enable-circular
dialer-group 1
dialer timer idle 0
dialer number ATDT*99*1# autodial
nat enable
detect ftp
sim 1
ppp chap user etisalat
ppp chap password cipher %$%$<[,-<$;7R5Fuh))+K-6;kcZQ%$%$
ppp pap local-user etisalat password cipher %$%$dhut)`@%"6|e%H~QtwX:kmd[%$%$
sim 2
nat-policy interzone trust untrust outbound
policy 1
  action source-nat
  policy source
  easy-ip Dialer0
Alarm Information
Handling Process
(1) Checked the model of USG2110, and it was Secospace USG2110-A-GW-W, which supports 3G.
(2) Check the 3G datacard model and software, and confirmed with R&D department that this 3G datacard and software are supported by USG2110.

(3) Check the APN name “” with the customer, and customer confirmed that it was correct.
(4) Asked the customer to provide the debug message   
  debugging  modem
   debugging  ppp all 
   debugging  dialer  all
And found from the result of debugging modem that there was such error:

So it turned out that the dialing number was not correct. There were two “ATDT” when USG2110 sent to 3G network.
We asked the customer to delete “ATDT” in the command “dialer number ATDT*99*1# autodial”. The dial number should be “*99*1#”, not “ATDT*99*1#”. After this change, USG2110 could get IP address from 3G network.

Root Cause
1) The 3G data card or the software is not supported by USG2110.
2) The APN is not correct.
3) The dial number is not correct.
For troubleshoot 3G related issue in USG, check the configuration first. After that, check the debug message to check the error occurs in which step.