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Fusion Access Update Linked clone Template Method

Publication Date:  2014-09-28 Views:  2456 Downloads:  28

Issue Description

Linked clone template update is a routine operation, sometime the customers need to install a new software or update the software in all the VM, they need update the template, But our product document doesn't have the method of update the linked clone template method, some customers ask us to give them the guide to do this.


【Cause Analysis】:The method of updating the Linked Clone template is  that it creates a new template, and using the new template to replace the old one. Create the new Template could do it on the Fusion Computer web portal, and update the new template is done on the fusion Access web portal.

【Handling Process】:
 1. Open a browser in a laptop or pc, input Fusion Computer portal address, and enter.

2. Input the username and password to login the system.
    For the default Username: geadmin 
                               Password: Huawei12#$
                          User domain: Local user

3. choose VDC management -> VM and Template, click “VM” as blow, click “Advanced Search” to find the VM Template which need to be updated.

 4. select “Template VM’ in the drop-down menu in the "Type", and click “Search”

5. click the name of the template which need to update in the list, for example: “win7_prof_32bit_temp_student”, the template Basic Information and operation are display.

6. click the “Deploy VM Using Template”, to do configuration for creating a new VM.

7. Keep default setting, and Click “next”.

8. Give a new name to the new template, for example: new_template_0908; other configuration keep them default setting, And click “next”.

9. Choose the plan port group for the NIK, which the port group decide the ip segment of the template, if it is not planed ,keep the default setting. Keep other configuration and click “next”.

10. Click “finish”. And click  “ View  Progress”

11. Waiting still the new VM created successfully

12. After the new VM create process finished, choose VDC management -> VM and Template, click “VM”, and input the new VM name, for example “new_template_0908”, click “Search”.

13. Find the new VM which we use the VM Template create. And get its IP. 

14. Click “start” on the host computer, and input the “mstsc” on the command line. And “enter”.

15. Input the ip of the new VM which we create it before, and Click “connect”, with the username: administrator, and password: Huawei@123

16. Login the VM, and do what you want to edit for the VM Template, this VM will convert to Template to replace the old one.

17. After finished the Template edited, login the Fusion Computer, using the username and the password we used before.

18. choose VDC management -> VM and Template, click “VM”, and input the new VM name, for example “new_template_0908”, click “Search”. Find the new VM, and click its name.

19. when the VM basic information and operation interface display, click “stop” to shut down the VM.

20. keep click the   to refresh the web, until the stop task is finished.

21. After the stop task is finished, click “Convert to Template”, and convert the VM to template

22. Log in the Fusion Access portal, the address is :http: Fusion Access ip address:8081; Use the username and the password to login the Fusion Access system.
       Default  Username: admin
       Password: Huawei12#$

23. After the VM convert to Template task finished, Click  “Desktop” - > “Service Configuration”  -> “VM Template”

24. The new template will be found, and select the type of the new template “Link Clone Template”, click “ok”.

25. Click “Desktop”->”Desktop Group”, select the desktop group which need to be updated, for example “Education AGTC Desktop” , and click “Advance Search” . and select the Login status “In use”, click search.

26. If there are some VM are in use, select them, and click “Restart”. When it is doing the Template Update, the VM which is created by the old template can’t be used.

27. Click “Desktop” -> “VM Group” , choose the VM group which need to be updated, and click the “Update linked clone group software”.

28. Get into the interface and choose the new template we update before, click “finish”.

29. Wait until the task completed, and the update work is finished.

【Suggestions and Summary】:what the updating the linked clone template do  is that the system delete all the VM created by the old template before, and create the new ones using the new Template, so, when it is doing the update process, ensure all the users are not loging in the VM.