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Filesystem crashed and cause NFS abnormal

Publication Date:  2014-09-30 Views:  129 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
1 Clustered NFS service status is abnormal, partial of nodes in the cluster are showed PARTIAL | STARTING.

NFS Status on N8000_01 : PARTIAL|STARTING
NFS Status on N8000_02 : ONLINE
NFS Status on N8000_03: OFFLINE 
NFS Status on N8000_04 : ONLINE

2 Check the NFS service relied on resource, nasgw_nfs and nasgw_restart status are abnormal, mostly in FAULTED or OFFLINE.

3 Check the filesystem status, try dd command and write data to 01 file system, the process was suspended, and cd /vx/01will hang. Tried same steps to other filesystem, everything is normal.
Alarm Information
Handling Process
1 Delete 01 filesystem sharing.
2 Restart abnormal node and then check if 01 filesystem status changed to umount in this node, if not, try restarting node again.
3 Check NFS service staus become ONLINE state.
4 Since 01 filesystem had crashed, all the data is not available,  delete the filesystem and rebuild the file system.
Root Cause
1 Unable to execute cd or ls command for filesystem 01, we believe this file system failed, and lead to NFS resource groups failed to start since the NFS resource groups are based on the file system.

2 With further analysis, we find it's written a large number of small files in the filesystem 01, over 40 million files. according to product specification, for one directory, the file number can not exceed 100K, for one filesystem, total number of files can not exceed 200 million. This is the root cause why filesystem 01 crashed, and it will impact NFS service as well.