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Some special Extension Number could not been reached.

Publication Date:  2015-01-04 Views:  289 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Extension number 232 in india could not reached by any extension at Dubai. but it's could be reached from any India phone

Alarm Information


Handling Process

1. Capture the network data from Dubai Extension 300, and we see the call is released by 300 afer 20 seconds, as the invite message send out but didn't receive 200 OK after 20 Seconds.

2. Suspect that there have another phone login with the same account of 232, so use command show sipue eid 232, we can see this number is loged in by this phone IP 
[%eSpace U1910(config)]#show sipue eid 232
SIPUE Information
------- ------ --------------------- ------------ ---------- -------------- ----------------- -------- ----------------- ------------- --------- --------------- -------------------
  EID     Dn     AuthorizationType     IP           Status     Expire(*s)     Pktmin/Pktmax     IsUC     SupportUpdate     IsLocalgw     IsSyn     IsJointUser     SupportSrvSynch  
------- ------ --------------------- ------------ ---------- -------------- ----------------- -------- ----------------- ------------- --------- --------------- -------------------
232     232    AuthByIP     OK/LOGIN   3600           20                NO       YES               NO            YES       NO              NO                  
====  Command executed success !  ====
3. log in account 231 at same phone, and 231 can be reached from Dubai, conclue that issue not relate to phone hardware and configuration.

4. Dele the Sipue eid by Config del subs dn 232,  config del sipue eid 232, re- add the 232 account again by config add sipue eid 232 ath by password ****, config add subs eid 232 dn 232, and test it, it's still failed. so we suspect that problem from Dubai PBX side,

5, To verify that issue from Dubai PBX side, Capture the SIP signal log from india PBX, the step is use india phone 200 to dial 232, and the call successed, use Dubai 300 to dial 200 the call successed, use Dubai 300 to dial 232, the call failed, from the SIP trace , it's show not India PBX didn't receive invite message from Dubai side.

6. Ask Dubai side customer show the prefix configrued at Dubai PBX, it's see that there have one VU prefix with 2320916

Root Cause

For Huawei PBX, it's not allowed the extension number been 100% included in the prefix. that will cause the system could not address the number 

Ie: If there configured one Prefix with 30000, the number 3, 30,300,3000,30000 can not be used as extension number


Solution 1: Provision another extension number, instead of 232.

Solution 2: Use Number length routing to evade that.

config delete prefix dn 2320916

config add predeal index 11 changetype insertbynumlen numlenchangepos 0 newdn 555
config add predeal index 14 changetype insertbynumlen numlen 3 changepos 0 newdn 444
config add predeal index 13 changetype delete changepos 0 changelen 3
config add prefix dn 5552320916 callcategory vu callattribute vuconsole cldpredeal no//VU access code

config modify prefix dn 232 callcategory basic callattribute routebylen cldpredeal yes cldindex 11&14 waitnextnumbertimerlen 2000
config add prefix dn 444 callcategory basic callattribute inter cldpredeal yes cldindex 13 minlen 3 maxlen 32 if4pstnprefix yes


1, For LLD design, need pay more attension for Number plan, avoid Prefix included extension number
2. Just some special number can not be reached, Prefix analyze is the most effective way for trouble shooting, call signal trace is also helpful.