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VDI VM's are getting logged off / shutdown automatically,

Publication Date:  2014-12-31  |   Views:  341  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  m00742852  |   Document ID:  EKB1000064588


Issue Description

SingleCLOUD V100R002C01, and Vdesktop 6000, solution, approx 60 VDI VM's working in this setup,
on anlysis we observed  that there was time mismatch between Vdekstop infra servers and MCNA servers,

due to this VDI VM's are going to logoff and shutdown state. 

Alarm Information

we found the time diffrence between the servers was more that 5 min, hence it lead to service intruption.

further we found  Alarm ID : 1000014 ESC service is abnormal
this alarm related to the storge LUN space

Handling Process

1. Collect the logs from ITA and OMS server,
2. check for the time diffrence between MCNA and ITA servers
3. correct the Time by syncronization of manually setting

If time difference between VM and Galax(MCNA/CNA/ESC/CRM) exceed 5 minutes, all VM status will be unknown. It will lead to login issue.

There is unknown problem if Windows w32time was set as ntpd clock source. sync the time with AD server.
Command on MCNA:
setntp –L
sh /usr/sbin/ntpdate && /sbin/hwclock -w -u > /dev/null 2>&1
sed -i -e '/ntpdate/d' /etc/crontab
echo "*/2 * * * * root sh /usr/sbin/ntpdate && /sbin/hwclock -w -u > /dev/null 2>&1" >>/etc/crontab
service cron restart
cat /etc/crontab

Root Cause

Time difference in between MCNA and ITA servers.


1. sync the time on both servers MCNA and ITA server,
2. script can be run to syncronize the time, attached is the script for time issue, ""
1 Use Winscp tool, login MCNA with root account, copy attachment “” to  /home/GalaX8800
2 login MCNA with Putty, run below command:
cd /home/GalaX8800
rm -f /home/GalaX8800/



1. check the time on both infra, Single Cloud systems and VDI vdesktop 6000 infra servers,
2. if time diffrence found than sync it with NTP