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Non-Existent Numbers Played When a Subscriber Box User Places an Outgoing Call

Publication Date:  2015-04-17 Views:  525 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Networking: Subscriber box --> SoftCo-- >PRA --> Peer office

Version: SoftCo9500 V100R002C04SPCa00

The SoftCo connects to the subscriber box using the EXU board. Once the dial speed of a subscriber box user is slow, the system plays the announcement "The number you dial is incorrect, please check the number and try again" or "The number you dial does not exist."

Handling Process

Step 1 Check SoftCo configurations. Run the show prefix dn 00/90 command on the SoftCo to check prefix configurations and number change information and verify that the formats of calling and called numbers after number change comply with the peer office requirements.

Step 2 Verify that the called number exists.

The configurations are as follows:
  • The minimum number length for prefix 00 is 12 digits, and the maximum length is 32 digits.
  • The minimum number length for prefix 90 is 0 digits, and the maximum length is 32 digits.
The number change includes two rules:
  • Deleting the first digit of the called number
  • Changing the calling numbers to 80899999
Step 3 Run the config add prefix dn 00/90 WaitNextNumTimerLen 2000 command to change the WaitNextNumTimerLen value from 0 to 2000.

Step 4 Capture SoftCo logs. Use UCMaint to analyze captured logs.

According to log information, the peer office sends a disconnection message, which is abnormal. However, after confirmation with peer office engineers, the duration for waiting for SoftCo's response is set to 20 seconds. In fact, the subscriber user box user completes the dialing within 20 seconds. Therefore, the peer office timer configuration is correct.

Step 5 Verify that the SoftCo is properly grounded and the surrounding is normal. According to the SoftCo logs, the SoftCo provides over 20,000 calls within 40 minutes, and the CPU usage is high. The actual number of calls cannot exceed 20,000, and there must be strong current interference around the SoftCo. Communicate with the field engineer on the subscriber box grounding.
The access lines and the high current lines are bound together.

Step 6 Disconnect the subscriber box from the high current lines, remove the EXU board, and reinsert it again.


Root Cause

1.  The number that the user dials does not exist.

2.  Prefixes and number change indexes are incorrectly configured.

3.  The timer of the local or peer office is faulty.

4.  Interference exists in the surrounding.