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Failure to Call a SoftCo User After Prefix Configuration

Publication Date:  2015-07-15 Views:  550 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Version:SoftCo9500 V100R002C04SPC300

Networking:The IAD connects to the SoftCo, and the SoftCo connects to the carrier through the PRA trunk.

Description:PSTN users want to bind outer-office number 34185144 or 34185154 with intra-office number 70901 so that calls to 34185144 or 34185154 can be forwarded to 70901.

The configuration commands are as follows:
  • Number change
config add predeal index 400 changetype modify changepos 0 changelen 8 newdn 70901
  • Prefix
config add prefix dn 34185144 callcategory basic callattribute inter cldpredeal yes cldindex 400 min 8 max 8
config add prefix dn 34185154 callcategory basic callattribute inter cldpredeal yes cldindex 400 min 8 max 8

After the configurations, PSTN users dial 34185144 or 34185154, but hear a voice prompt indicating that the dialed number is incorrect.
Handling Process
Step 1 Check the intra-office prefix configuration. If the if4pstn property of prefix 34185144 or 34185154 is not YES, outer-office users cannot locate the destination number.

Step 2 Set the if4pstn property to YES. If the fault persists, go to Step3.

Step 3 Check number change in the USAM, CCM, PRI, and time module logs.

If the number change is normal, go to Step4.
[2011-12-05 16:33:28.52][ccm.c 28939][dwCCMNo= 798] CLDPredeal Process entered. Called Number is: 34185154, Predeal Index is: 400
[2011-12-05 16:33:28.52][ccm.c 28963][dwCCMNo= 798] find Predeal Index is: 400 — referenced number change index
[2011-12-05 16:33:28.52][ccm.c 28983][dwCCMNo= 798] CLDPredeal Process Succeeded. New Called Number is: 70901[2011-12-05 16:33:28.52][ccm.c 29182][dwCCMNo= 798] CCM_FinishCLDAna — Number change succeeded.

Step 4 Check the prefix configuration.

The minimum and maximum number length of the prefix 34185144 or 34185154 is eight, but the length of the changed number 70901 is five (less than the minimum length). This causes number location failure.

Step 5 Change the minimum number length to five or less.

The call is connected.

Root Cause
The possible causes are as follows:
  • The number does not exist.
  • The number change is incorrect.
  • The prefix configuration is incorrect.
1. If outer-office users failed to call a SoftCo user and hear a voice prompt that the dialed number is incorrect, check intra-office number and prefix configurations.

2. Ensure that the if4pstn property of the intra-office prefix is set to YES.

3. Ensure that the length of the changed number is between the minimum and maximum number length of the prefix.