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Failure to Make an IMS Call Using the SoftCo

Publication Date:  2015-07-15 Views:  567 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Networking: Avaya --> PRA --> SoftCo9500 (SIPGW) --> SIP trunk --> IMS

SoftCo version: V100R002C04SPC200

Symptom: Some Avaya numbers fail to make outgoing calls through the SIP gateway.

Test number:
Internal number: 865946737204
Mobile number: 13559924268

Handling Process

Diagnosis Flow:
1. Trace the SoftCo logs and analyze PRA and SIP signaling.
2. Analyze number information and disconnection reasons on both the PRA and SIP signaling sides.
3. Run the show numbermap command to check the number mapping table.
4. Run the show office user command to check the relationships between trunk numbers and their bound registration groups.
5. Run the show prefix dn command to check outgoing prefixes.


Step 1 Use the UCMaint to trace the PRI and SIP signaling of the SoftCo.

Step 2 Analyze the PRI and SIP signaling.

Figure 2-1 PRI signaling

After the peer office sends a setup message, the SoftCo replies the peer office with a release message, which is abnormal. To identify the fault, analyze the setup message sent by the peer office, as shown in the following.

The calling number sent by the peer office is 865946737204, the same as the internal number.

Figure 2-2 SIP signaling

The SoftCo does not send an INVITE message to the peer office after the SoftCo replies to the 407 authentication message with an ACK message.

Analyze the first INVITE message as follows:
INVITE sip:13559924268@;user=phone SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKzdq2pqpc42j4cfpbq597cpbac
Call-ID: 5q94jzq9cdfefd479j5qdqqace9bzbae@
From: "865946737204"<sip:865946737204@;user=phonesip:13559924268@;user=phone
The SoftCo does not prefix a plus sign (+) to the calling number in the INVITE message.

Step 3 Check user configurations.

The peer office sends an outgoing long number to the local office, but the local office does not change the long number to a short number.

Step 4 Run the show office user command.In the command output, 865946737204 is not associated with a registration group.

Step 5 Run the config add office user officeno 0 userdn 865946737204 reggroupid 1 command to bind 865946737204 to registration group 1. Outgoing calls are available.


Root Cause

1.  The user is not associated with a registration group.

2.  The number changing rule is disabled.