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MWI on an eSpace 7850 IP Phone Is Not On After the UMS Receives a Voice Mail

Publication Date:  2015-07-25 Views:  578 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Two eSpace 7850 IP phones (8000 and 8001) are connected to the U1980. IP phone 8001 has the call transfer to voice mailbox unconditional (CTVMU) service enabled. When the user of IP phone 8000 makes a call to IP phone 8001 and leaves a voice mail successfully, the MWI on IP phone 8001 is not on after the eSpace Smartcall 1000 receives the voice mail.

Handling Process

Step 1 Check the UMS.

1. Log in to the UMS as the administrator, choose System > UMS > PBX Settings, and verify that the Light way value is the same as the prefix for turning the MWI configuring on the U1980.
2. Choose System > UMS > User Account, select 8001, click Modify, and verify that Tel Message notification is set to 8001 and MWI marks is set to Enable.
3. Choose System > UMS > Monitor Parameter Configuration, and verify that MWI period is set to a non-zero number. Value 0 indicates that the UMS does not perform MWI check.
If the configurations on the UMS are correct, go to the next step.

Step 2 Check the U1980.

1. Run the show prefix dn *** command. In the preceding command, replace *** with the value of Light way in Step 1. Check whether CallAttribute for the prefix is umsleavemsgindon. If no, set the parameter to umsleavemsgindon.
2. Check intra-office prefix 8 used to make calls to 8001. Run the show prefix dn 8 command and verify that If4PSTN is Yes. This parameter indicates whether the intra-office prefix can be invoked by external calls. If this parameter is set to No, only intra-office phones can make calls to intra-office numbers starting with 8.
3. Run the show subs dn 8001 command and verify that NewMsgs is a non-zero value. This parameter indicates whether IP phone 8001 receives a voice message.
In this step, it is found that If4PSTN for prefix 8 is set to No. The fault is rectified when If4PSTN is set to Yes. However, if the configurations on the U1980 are correct, go to the next step.

Step 3 Check IP phone 8001. (The eSpace 7850 is used as an example.)

Log in to IP phone 8001 in web mode, click Account, and select the line corresponding to 8001. On the Advanced page, verify that Subscribe for MWI is set to Enable and MWI Subscription Period (Scope: 0-84600) (seconds) is set to an appropriate value. This parameter indicates the interval in which the IP phone sends MWI requests to the U1980.


Root Cause

The voice mail can be left successfully. Therefore, the SIP trunk between the U1980 and eSpace Smartcall 1000 works properly. The MWI process must be checked, which involves the UMS (eSpace Smartcall 1000), U1980, and IP phone (eSpace 7850) in sequence. Check these components one by one.


Troubleshooting based on the MWI process helps sort out ideas and solve problems.