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FAQ-Can an AR Sub-interface Be Bound to a PPPoE Client and How Do I Bind the AR Router Sub-interface to the PPPoE Client

Publication Date:  2015-05-05  |   Views:  787  |   Downloads:  0  |   Document ID:  EKB1000075800


Issue Description

Can an AR Sub-interface Be Bound to a PPPoE Client and How Do I Bind the AR Router Sub-interface to the PPPoE Client?


The AR sub-interface can be bound to a PPPoE client.

To bind an AR sub-interface to a PPPoE client, perform the following operations:

1.  Configuring a Dialer Interface

system-viewThe system view is displayed.

dialer-ruleThe dialer rule view is displayed.

dialer-rule dialer-rule-number { acl { acl-number | name acl-name } | ip { deny | permit } | ipv6 { deny | permit } }A dialer access control list (ACL) is configured.

quitReturn to the system view.

interface dialer numberA dialer interface is created and the dialer interface view is displayed.

dialer user user-nameA user name for the remote device is configured.

dialer-group group-numberThe dialer group of the dialer interface is specified.

The value of group-number must be the same as the value of dialer-rule-number configured in step c.

dialer bundle numberRS-DCC is enabled and a dialer bundle is configured for the dialer interface.

i.Assign an IP address to the dialer interface.
  • Assign an IPv4 address to the dialer interface.
ip address ip-address { mask | mask-length }An IP address is allocated to the dialer interface.
ip address ppp-negotiateThe dialer interface is configured to obtain an IP address from the PPPoE server.
  • Assign an IPv6 address to the dialer interface.
ipv6 address { ipv6-address prefix-length | ipv6-address/prefix-length }An IPv6 address is assigned to the dialer interface.

Before assigning an IPv6 address to an interface, run the ipv6 command in the system view to enable IPv6 packet forwarding and run the ipv6 enable command on the interface to enable IPv6.

2.  Configuring an Ethernet Sub-interface for Termination

The system view is displayed.

interface { ethernet | gigabitethernet } interface-number.subinterface-numberThe Ethernet sub-interface view is displayed.

control-vid vid dot1q-terminationThe mappings between the control VLAN and the Ethernet sub-interface are specified.

Only V2R1C00, V2R1C01, and V2R2C00 support this command. In later versions of V2R2C00, you do not need to configure this command.

d.Configuring an Ethernet Sub-interface for Termination

VLAN packets are classified into Dot1q packets (one layer of VLAN tag) and QinQ packets (double layers of tags). Accordingly, there are two VLAN tag termination modes. Dot1q termination terminates Dot1q packets and QinQ termination terminates QinQ packets. In V2R3C00 or later versions, PPPoE supports Dot1q packets and QinQ packets. You can use either of the following commands. In earlier versions of V2R3C00, PPPoE does not support QinQ packets. Only Dot1q termination can be configured.
dot1q termination vid vidThe allowed VLAN is configured on the Ethernet sub-interface for dot1q VLAN termination.
qinq termination  pe-vid pe-vid ce-vid ce-vidThe allowed VLAN is configured on the Ethernet sub-interface for qinq VLAN termination.

arp broadcast enableThe ARP broadcast function is enabled on the Ethernet sub-interface.

When you enable or disable the ARP broadcast function on a sub-interface, the routing status of the sub-interface becomes Down and then Up. This may result in flapping of routes on the entire network, affecting the normal operation of services.

3.  Run:
pppoe-client dial-bundle-number number [ on-demand ] [ no-hostuniq ]A dialer bundle is specified for a PPPoE session on the interface.

The specified dialer bundle must be the one configured in Configuring a Dialer Interface.

If the on-demand parameter is specified, run the dialer timer idle seconds command to set the link idle time on the dialer interface.

After the PPPoE client is configured, LAN hosts can connect to the Internet through dial-up. After connections are established, run the display pppoe-client session { packet | summary } [ dial-bundle-number number ] command to view the PPPoE session status and statistics on the PPPoE client.