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Log in Failure

Publication Date:  2015-06-27 Views:  831 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Applicable Models:
IPC2811-WD-Z20 and IPC5811-WD-Z20.


Users fail to log in to the IPC. The message "The device is busy. Try again." is displayed, and the device connection is unstable.

Handling Process

Step 1 Create an SFTP server, and configure the user name, password, and file path.

Step 2 Place the upgrade file in the specified directory on the SFTP server or in a new folder in the specified directory.

For details about how to obtain the upgrade package, see section Obtaining IPC Upgrade Packages(As Follow).
(As Follow
Obtaining IPC Upgrade Packages
To obtain the upgrade package for an IPC, perform the following steps:
1. Visit .
2. Choose SUPPORT > Software.
3. Choose Unified Communications and Collaboration > Video Surveillance > Cameras.
4. Select the required IPC version and download the required upgrade package.)

Step 3 Use SSH to log in to the IPC as the admin user.

Step 4 Run the su - root command to switch to the root user.

For details about the default passwords of the admin and root users, see the user guide for the device.

Step 5 Run the cd /usr/app/bin/ command to go to the bin directory.

Step 6 Run the ./update sftp [IPAddr] [FilePath] [Mode] command to start the upgrade.

 [IPAddr]: IP address of the SFTP server.
 [FilePath]: path where the upgrade file is stored on the SFTP server. Assume that the specified directory for storing the upgrade file on the SFTP server is D:\update, the path where the upgrade file is stored is D:\update\file, and the upgrade file name is updatefile. The value of this parameter is file/updatefile. If the upgrade file is directly stored in the specified directory on the SFTP server, you do not need to set this parameter.
 [Mode]: When this parameter is set to -f, the upgrade is performed forcibly. The parameter can be left blank.

For example, if you run the ./update sftp IPC6112_V100R001C10.bin command, the following information is displayed.

root@Huawei:/usr/app/bin# ./update sftp IPC6112_V100R001C10.bin
Update: Update Process Start!
Update: Update Sftp Start!
Update: Enter Function: UploadUpdateFile(sftp,
Please Enter sftp UserName:
Update: Start sftp IPC6112_V100R001C10.bin, Please Wait......
admin@'s password:

Step 7 Enter the user name and password set in Step1 as prompted.

   Enter yes when the system asks you whether to continue.

The following information is displayed:

Connected to
Fetching /IPC6112_V100R001C10.bin to /usr/upgrade/uImage.bin
100%   27MB   1.8MB/s   00:15    
Update: sftp IPC6112_V100R001C10.bin Success!
Update: Sha256Calc file length:28704768
Update: Sha256Calc break check read length :4096
Update: Sha256Calc length MAX_BUFFER_LEN:28704768
Update: Sha256Calc  check read length :28700672
Update: pEncryptString:519f12426595dea0be399841175af591d442588fd581befd09889548fadb8960
Update: Start Kill Software Process..........
Start Kill Software Process
killall: can't kill pid 1225: No such process
killall: can't kill pid 1226: No such process
killall: can't kill pid 1227: No such process
killall: can't kill pid 1228: No such process
killall: can't kill pid 1229: No such process
killall: can't kill pid 1230: No such process
killall: comm: no process killed
killall: can't kill pid 1204: No such process
killall: can't kill pid 1207: No such process
killall: rda: no process killed
killall: udhcpc: no process killed
Start Update, Please Wait ......
Update: Kill Process Success!
Update: Start Update..........
Erasing 128 Kibyte @ 2a00000 - 100% complete.
Update: UpdateSystem() Success!

The preceding information indicates that the upgrade file is uploaded successfully and the upgrade is complete.

Step 8 Check whether the fault is rectified.
  • If yes, no further operation is required.
  • If no, contact your service provider for assistance.

Root Cause

This is a known issue in V200R001C01SPC100: The system time restores to the year of 1970 when the RTC battery runs out of power. When the system time is the year of 1970, the RTC interface fails to be set during device startup, which causes the failure to start the main program.