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The Storage Unit Group-Based Backup on the NetBackup Fails and Error Message "Disk storage units is full (status 129)" Is Displayed

Publication Date:  2015-07-28 Views:  153 Downloads:  0
Issue Description
Storage unit group stg1 contains two storage units, that is, stu1 and stu2. When files on the NetBackup client are backed up to stg1, the backup task fails. The error code is 129.

The detailed status information about the backup task shows error message storage unit stu1 is full.

2012-3-31 11:39:43 - started process bpbrm (pid=24697)
2012-3-31 11:39:43 - connecting
2012-3-31 11:39:43 - connected; connect time: 0:00:00
2012-3-31 11:39:44 - Info bptm (pid=24705) start backup
2012-3-31 11:39:44 - begin writing
2012-3-31 11:40:53 - Warning bptm (pid=24705) storage unit stu1 is full: processing disk full condition
2012-3-31 11:40:55 - current media @aaaae complete, requesting next media Any
Handling Process
Cause 1: Check the space usage of the storage units.

Log in to the NetBackup Administration Console as the root user. Choose NetBackup Management > Storage > Storage Units to view the space usage of the storage units.

If the space usage reaches 100% or a specific level, you must release certain storage space or create a larger storage unit and add the storage unit to the storage unit group.

Cause 2: Adjust the number of backup task attempts.

1.  On the NetBackup Administration Console, choose NetBackup Management > Host Properties > Master Servers. Right-click the master server name and select Properties.

2.  Select Global Attributes. Set the value of Schedule backup attempts > _tries to be larger than the number of storage units in the storage unit group. The default value is 2 and the maximum value is 32.

Cause 3: Perform the backup task again after restarting the NetBackup service.
Root Cause
1.  The available space of the storage unit group cannot satisfy the backup requirement.

2.  The number of backup task attempts is small and the number of backup task attempts reaches the upper limit before an available storage unit is found.

3.  A history record for backup task failure due to insufficient disk space for the storage unit group exists.