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When the Backup Set Is Browsed on the BAR Console of the NetBackup Client, Error Message "invalid command parameter (status 20)" Is Displayed

Publication Date:  2015-07-29 Views:  220 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

After files are backed up using the NetBackup, restore the files on the Backup, Archive, and Restore (BAR) console of the NetBackup client. When the backup set is browsed, error message invalid command parameter (status 20) is displayed.

Handling Process

Method 1: During the restoration, adjust the start date and end date for querying the backup set. Ensure that the period contains the time point for restoration.

Method 1 can temporarily avoid the problem. To completely resolve the problem, use method 2.

Method 2: Set the date on the client and the server to be consistent.

Method 2 can avoid various necessary problems. For example, if the time on the master server and the Oracle server is inconsistent during the Oracle system restoration, an error is reported.

Root Cause

Possible Causes:

The parameters are not properly configured.

Fault Diagnosis:

Collect more logs to analyze the error.

When the NetBackup is used to restore files, the procedure for browsing the backup set is as follows:

1.  The bplist program on the NetBackup client sends a request to the resident program bprd program on the back end on the master server to obtain a file list.

2.  The bprd program sends an information query request to the bpdbm program.

3.  The bpdbm program sends back the bplist to the NetBackup client.

To collect the bplist and bpdbm logs to analyze the problem causes, perform the following steps:

1.  Create a directory to store process logs. In /usr/openv/netbackp/logs on the master server, create the bpdbm directory. In /usr/openv/netbackp/logs on the NetBackup client, create the bplist directory. Set the directory permissions to 777.

2.  On the BAR console of the NetBackup client, browse the backup set.

3.  Check the collected process logs. For example, the process logs are as follows:

The log information in the bplist on the NetBackup client is as follows:

19:52:31.080 [9747] <2> send_request: start_date = 02/03/2012 04:42:10
19:52:31.080 [9747] <2> send_request: end_date = 02/03/2011 23:59:59
19:52:31.080 [9747] <2> bpjava_common: Request = root root linux-35om linux-35om linux-35om *NULL* NONE 0  3 1 1328262
130 1296795599 4 4 0 5 5 0 0 0 0 3 0 en_US.UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8 0 1 0 0 0

The log information in the bpdbm on the master server is as follows:

19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> db_FLISTreceive: fl_num_files = 0
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> db_logfilesrec: qtype: 79, backup_id: ?, client: linux-35om
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> db_logfilesrec: policy: ? client_type: 0 version: 0
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> db_logfilesrec: fl_peername linux-35om
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> db_logfilesrec: date1: Fri Feb  3 04:42:10 2012 (1328262130)
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> db_logfilesrec: date2: Thu Feb  3 23:59:59 2011 (1296795599)
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> db_logfilesrec: recursion lvl 1 match algo 0 path sep /
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> db_logfilesrec: swvers ? comp 0 encry 0 opt 0x80000402 nfiles 0
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> db_logfilesrec: username unknown groupname unknown raw_partition 0
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> db_logfilesrec: keyword ?
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> db_logfilesrec: job_id 0
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> image_db: Q_IMAGE_LIST_FILES
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> list_files: ?
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> image_dir_name: ?
19:50:40.108 [20014] <2> list_files: end date (1296795599) preceeds start date (1328262130)
19:50:40.109 [20014] <2> process_request: request complete: exit status 20 invalid command parameter; query type: 79

    The log information shows that the end date is earlier than the start date. As a result, the bpdbm sends back error message invalid command parameter (status 20) when processing the request.

According to the analysis result, the end date is earlier than the start date, which results in the problem.

On the BAR console, check the start date and end date.

    The default value of the start date is determined by the start date of the recent task that is successfully implemented on the NetBackup client.

    The default end date is calculated as follows: Default end date = System date of the NetBackup client + 23:59:59.

The date is not correctly set on the NetBackup client. The date on the NetBackup client is earlier than that on the NetBackup server. As a result, browsing the backup set fails.