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Configuration LACP mode between Cloud Engine 6850 switch and Oceanstor 5800 V3 storage

Publication Date:  2015-09-18 Views:  239 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Issue: need to increase bandwidth and redundancy of connections between Oceanstor 5800 V3 and Cloud Engine 6850 switch via adding more physical connections between devices and bonding them into link aggregation group. Configuring LACP in static mode on switch side doesn’t lead to success - link aggregation logical port is down.


WARNING: This solution was tested on storage version V300R001C10 in iSCSI implementation.


Make sure that port bonding on storage side is configured according  STEP 1

STEP 1 - configure bonding on storage side

1.       Log in to DeviceManager and choose Provisioning > Port.

The Port page is displayed.

2.       Optional: Create a bond port.

Bond ports can increase link bandwidth and redundancy. Create bond ports based on site requirements. After bonding, the mode of all switch ports connected to the Ethernet port must be configured to 802.3AD LACP.

a.        In Ethernet Ports, select a Ethernet port and click More > Bond Port.

The Bond Port dialog box is displayed.

b.       Enter bond port information: Bond Name and Available Ports

c.        Click OK.

The Danger dialog box is displayed.

d.       Select I have read and understood the consequences associated with performing this operation. And click OK.

3.       Create a logical port.

a.        Select Logical Ports and click Create.

The Create Logical Port dialog box is displayed.

b.       Enter logical port information.

c.        Click OK.

d.       The Success dialog box is displayed.

e.       Click OK.


STEP 2 – configure link aggregation in LACP dynamic mode on switch side


  1. Create Ethernet trunk in dynamic mode


interface Eth-Trunk1

 mode lacp-dynamic


  1. Add appropriate ports to created Ethernet trunk on switch side


interface 10GE1/0/1

 eth-trunk 1

 lacp priority 100


interface 10GE1/0/2

 eth-trunk 1

 lacp priority 100


interface 10GE1/0/3

 eth-trunk 1





·         Running this command interrupts the connections of all iSCSI host ports involved in the port bonding. In addition, these iSCSI host ports' IP addresses and route settings will be lost, and the bond port will be used to carry services.

·         Before running this command, stop services carried by all iSCSI host ports.

·         An iSCSI host ports can be bond only once.

·         Recommended to configure link aggregation on switch side first, then on storage side.