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Troubleshooting Of SLA Service Failure For eSight Network( V300R002C00)

Publication Date:  2015-11-13  |   Views:  321  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  w00228185  |   Document ID:  EKB1000089859


Issue Description

After creating an SLA Service and setting for ICMP Echo, eSight shows Diagnose failed. AR1200 is the destination IP 

Alarm Information

Handling Process

1. Check the information of eSight Diagnose failed. It is showing the number of task on the device has reached the upper limit or the device has not applied for an NQA license.
2. Login the AR1200 check the NQA task and the number.
3. For the AR, when create SLA task in eSight successfully, the eSight will send the configuration of NQA to AR automatically. For the quantity of NQA task--e.g: AR1200(V2R5)  support more than 100 task. The number of NQA task is less than 10. So, the root cause is not due to the number of NQA.
4. Check eSight found the equipment of AR1200 can’t be add to eSight.
5. Check the network. From the AR ping esight server IP address Found the network is ok.
6. Confirm there is no NAT configuration between the AR and eSight server.
7. Check the configuration for the SNMP of AR1200. The configuration for mib-view iso and read-view/write-view of SNMP for AR1200 is lost.

snmp-agent local-engineid 800007DB03249EABB25D51
snmp-agent sys-info contact Professional Data Kinetics
snmp-agent sys-info location PDK TEST
snmp-agent group v3 pdk_group privacy
snmp-agent target-host trap-hostname esighthost address udp-port 162 trap-paramsname pdk_cpe
snmp-agent usm-user v3 SUREWAYAdmin
snmp-agent usm-user v3 SUREWAYAdmin group pdk_group
snmp-agent usm-user v3 SUREWAYAdmin authentication-mode sha %@%@R3dwD/Z+T%Cf|J*e2LX#,"G/%@%@
snmp-agent usm-user v3 SUREWAYAdmin privacy-mode aes128 %@%@T01QDx]IeF31Y~%SXx@>,"Lt%@%@
snmp-agent trap source LoopBack0
snmp-agent trap enable

Write the script for AR1200. The details just as below:

group: Huawei
user: Username
Password for sha: XXXXXXXXXX
Password for aes128: YYYYYYYYYYY
ACL number 2002
description For SNMP
Rule 5 permit source
Rule 100 deny
snmp-agent trap enable
snmp-agent trap source LoopBack0
snmp-agent sys-info version v3  
snmp-agent group v3 Huawei privacy read-view iso-view write-view iso-view notify-view iso-view acl 2002
snmp-agent mib-view iso-view include iso
snmp-agent usm-user v3 Username                                      
snmp-agent usm-user v3 Username group Huawei                                    
snmp-agent usm-user v3 Username acl 2002
snmp-agent target-host trap address udp-domain params securityname Username v3 privacy
snmp-agent usm-user v3 Username authentication-mode sha
snmp-agent usm-user v3 Username privacy-mode aes128
8. used these commands and AR1200 add to the eSight successfully. SLA management is working very well.

Root Cause

The configuration for mib-view iso and read-view/write-view of SNMP for AR1200 is lost


During the Troubleshooting, using different way to reduce the range of possible root cause. That will be helpful for the work.