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Oceanstor T series storage import License File failure, error message: "The operation failed"

Publication Date:  2015-11-18 Views:  166 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

For TV2 and V3 V300R001C20SPC100 or earlier version, if the customer does not purchase value-added features (such as remote replication, cloning, etc.), the default value added feature in  license content is empty. But when DeviceManager detects empty content in license file when it's being imported, DeviceManager will report alarm message"The operation failed."

Handling Process

1. Check License file size, only 1KB; then open License file, there are four parts as shown in the following figure, no other content (each License file content may be slightly different, for example CreatedTime, Country, Custom, etc.,):

2. Manually import license file in CLI mode, here are the steps:

a, set up ftp server.

Here we use xlight ftp software as an example to show the procedure of setting up:

1) Run xlight.exe from the PC which can manage the storage device;

2) Click on the first button, pop-up "New Virtual Server" dialog box, enter the server ip address (to be in the same subnet with PC), keep the default port number: 21, the default protocol: FTP, click "OK" ,As shown below:


3) After the virtual server is added, click the fourth button, pop-up "Add User" dialog box, enter a user name, password, home directory, permission setting, click "OK",:


4) Finally, in the main window in xlight FTP, right-click the Added virtual server, choose "Start Server", FTP server is started.

b, now the ftp server is ready, we can import license file in CLI mode in storage device: import license ip=* user=* password=****** license_path=**

In above command, ip is the ftp server, user is the user name Oscar which created in ftp server, password is the user password for Oscar, license_path is ftp server user directory (the command format is: directory/license_file ). If the command fails, check the FTP server configuration if there are problems, you can proceed as follows:

c, After the command is executed successfully, you can see the license header information with command show license, as shown below: