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UPS failing, with error code 0022-01 “No battery”

Publication Date:  2015-11-25  |   Views:  695  |   Downloads:  1  |   Author:  b80008441  |   Document ID:  EKB1000090602


Issue Description

UPS failing, with error code 0022-01 “No battery”

Fault Type: Operation and maintenance>>Hardware installation>>Hardware installation

Issue Description:-

Model: - UPS, V100R001C00SPC500, 3KVA, 80V~280V

MicroDC has UPS shows Critical alarm with ID: 0022-01 (Name: No battery) and due to this unable to startup UPS, and failing with code0022-01 “No battery”

Alarm Information

Alarm Information:-

While starting the UPS we are getting long beep sound and one alarm is critical showing “No battery”. Picture as below from UPS:-


Below is an UPS detail with red light on UPS due to Critical alarm.


Handling Process

Handling Process:-

1)      Check logs in UPS – To ensure only “No battery”’ alarm is trigger and no any alarm trigger. If other alarm trigger, solve the other alarm first.

2)      Check physical connection (From battery bank to UPS) – To ensure all the cables from battery bank connected correctly to UPS

3)      Check battery parameters  - To make sure cells information’s are correct


Customer using battery bank consist of 16 Cells. Above shows the UPS picture which we have set as 16 Cells (This setting based on customer’s total battery cells {16 Cells -20 Cells}.

4)      Check  battery status in UPS  - After checking physical connection and the cable connection is well, hence we check if battery bank can be detected in UPS but UPS unable to detect the battery bank and shows battery status  as NA

1)      Verify cells voltage – As unable to detect battery bank, we check cells in the battery bank have output voltage. Below is the reading :-

1 Row:- 48V

2 Row:- 48V

3 Row:- 30V (Should be 48V)

4 Row:- 48V

15 out 16 batteries are showing 12v output {total is 15 batteries X 12V = 180V overall output of 15 batteries}

1 battery output is: 6V (3rd Row)

Found out 1 cell in 3rd row is faulty as shown in below picture.


Only for verify physical connection is well, no cables faulty and no other issues, we bypass the faulty battery and the beep sound stop and alarm cleared. Picture below shows the connection:-


Below shows battery status after we bypass the faulty cell:-


To avoid any failure to remaining battery, we have disconnected the battery bank with UPS immediately after testing done.

Root Cause

3rd Cell in 3rd row is faulty. The flow of battery power stuck in the faulty cell and no output from the faulty cell. Hence UPS unable to detect the battery bank.


Replace the faulty cell with new cell and connect to UPS. After replacement, started the UPS and it works fine. No alarm trigger.


In UPS we only can set cells between 16-20 cells. Due to customer using 16 cells of battery bank and 1 cell is faulty customer could not use the entire UPS system until the faulty cell to be replace. Suggested we can modify this setting so in future if 1 or 2 cells are broken customer still can use UPS by changing the setting in UPS and bypass the faulty cells.