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Procedure to reset the LogCenter OS Password

Publication Date:  2016-01-30 Views:  404 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

User forgot the OS login password, and they refuse to reinstall the OS-Software, they asked for a way to recover password directly.

Handling Process

1- Get all information about server and OS versions, and drivers


  1. Preparation Conditions

1-1To prepare 2008R2 SP1 Standard Version of the ISO Windows image file, and put it on the remote server.

1-2To prepare hardware server driver (this step is optional), there is no necessary to install the driver if the server has been installed it. Because the simulating environment is using the eSight customized operating system in RH2288H V2 server, and this customized operating system does not integrate RAID driver, so you need to download in advance. Download site:!getSoftwareInfo.action?nodePath=fixnode01|7919749|9856522|9856792|9581539|19888581|19888582|19888584|21516321&idAbsPath=fixnode01|7919749|9856522|9856792|9581539&version=RH2288H+V2+V100R002C00SPC605&hidExpired=0&contentId=SW1000128793

Download and then decompress to the data disk E:\ Windows-Driver-V205

1-3Be able to control the server through the iMana.

 2 Verify version and deploy scenarios.

Operation System.

Database Version

Server Hardware Info

LogCenter version

Deployment method: eSight deployed independently, log analyzer and collector are integrated 


3      Operation Procedures

3-1Login iMana system ,select Remote Control->Remote Virtual Console(Shared mode)

 (Optional)  select “Mouse Acceleration”, this is to accelerate the response speed the of the remote mouse.


3-2Select the driver icon, load the ISO mirroring file, and click  connect”.

When showing as below, that means the ISO file has been read.


Reset the server as below

NOTE: We don’t guarantee this operation doesn’t have any influence to the server or OS, the unknown software or hardware abnormality may occurred, please be caution!

3-3When seeing this view, press F11 to enter the Boot Manager page.

If boot manager does not have CD / DVD selection interface, you  need to choose once again drive image loading ISO file, and then restart the server.

3-4、        Select “” and then press “enter” key to start the DVD.


3-5When asking you to “Press any key to boot from cd/dvd...” press any key please.


3-6 Default configuration is as blow, click next .


3-7、        Select “Repair your computer”


3-8Select the first “selection”. then you can check if there is system disk appeared , if not, mean it needs you load the driver of raid card.

3-9If the OS doesn’t show, load Floppy disk after click “Load Driver”, or there is no need to load the Floppy disk.

3-10 Click the Floppy driver icon ,to load the diver which  should be downloaded in advance.

Then choose the correct driver(you can check the raid card type when system restart).

Click ‘connect’

3-11the page below shown that load has finished

 3-12Click “OK”

3-13Select  “Floppy Disk Drive(A:)” again.



3-15And then “add drivers”, for LSI2208. You should choose’LSI MegaRAID SAS 9270-8i’


3-16Now start to loading, this process is slow, please be patient .


3-17When you can see the next information, please select “next” directly.

NOTE: if you can see the below system disk, there is no need the above driver loading process.

3-18 Select “Command Prompt”.

You will see the below view:


3-19Input command : cd /d c:\ ,to enter the system C disk.

3-20Input “dir” to check the current disk status

NOTE: sometimes the system disk is not C :\ ,by cd /d x:\ to check more disk ,

Here the “x” is the disk name, this is to confirm which is the system disk.


3-21Input “cd Windows\System32”  to enter the system32 directory .

3-22Rename the Magnify.exe program’s name, and then copy cmd.exe to Magnify.exe.


3-23Close the above view and reboot the OS by “Restart”.

3-24Waiting for the OS to enter the login view ,NOTE :because the system file changed ,so you see the prompt as blow :


3-25Login page will prompt the account error ,just click “OK”

5-26Select “ease of access”  and the magnifier

3-27Click “apply” ,you will see the command line view .

3-28Input “whoami

3-29Input “explorer” to load the task ,input net user administrator  xxx to reset the password ,

 Here xxx is the new password.


3-30If you see the password reset successfully, please reboot the OS.

3-31The same procedure on revise Magnify.exe ,this procedure is to Delete the Magnify.exe in command line;


3-32Restore the Magnify.exe program.

3-33After change, restart the OS, and select “Start Windows Normally” to continue reboot.


3-34、Now, you should be able to login normally to OS


1:       This operation cannot be guaranteed that the password can be restored , In contrast, repeatedly forced to reboot the system could result in system files lost. The only 100% secure way to avoid this is to reinstall the OS and deploy the LogCenter to recovery its function.

2:      After the completion of the operation, the basic function of the LogCenter, such as status display, syslog log receiving and query, binary session log receiving and query, these basic functions without exception