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AR169fGVW-L Intermittency issue

Publication Date:  2019-07-18  |   Views:  341  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  v84038666  |   Document ID:  EKB1000116908


Issue Description

The AR169fGVW-L Keeps dropping packets, when i ping to the external ip after 30-60 minutes the ping timeouts for within 30 to 60 seconds intervals and connects again

Version information V200R006C10SPC300

The AR is an internet break out device,

It has a 3G/LTE Functionality,  its has two Sim card Slots for cellular interface nternet connectivity. i.e 3G , LTE , WCDMA Connectivity

Configuration script below

interface Cellular0/0/0
tcp adjust-mss 1460
dialer enable-circular
dialer-group 1
apn-profile internet
dialer timer autodial 20
dialer number *99# autodial
nat outbound 3002
ip address negotiate
sim switch-back enable

Alarm Information

Handling Process

I discovered that the Router functions normally within 30 to 60 minutes but when the LTE signal gets weak, it drops within 30 to 60 seconds and comes up again online...

I inserted a different ISP SIM card to test if maybe the issue could be the Service provider network issue...the problem was not resolved...

I updated the device firmware version...the issue was not resolved ...

Root Cause

I discovered that Sim Switch Enable Feature was Enabled, the  Sim Card was inserted in a Back Up Slot...while the Master Sim Card Slot was empty...

Therefore ,whenever the Back up Slot was receiving weak Radio frequency throughput, it would automatically switch connectivity to the Msster Slot however the Master slot had no Sim Card  thus causing  connectivity to drop for 30- 60 seconds..then  switch automatically back to the Back up Slot and connect...


I removed the Sim Card From the Back up Slot ..

I disabled the Sim Switch Enable Feature...So that the AR does not Automatically Switch Sim Slots WHen Ever there is WEAk LTE Through put..


The first fundamental thing to do is to update the software version..

I would Suggest that , when you are connecting to the internet using one Sim Card.. , make sure that the Sim Switch enable feature is turned off...

And To avoid intermittency issues ,rather insert the Simcard in the  Master Sim Card Slot as the Primary connection , then use the Back up Slot for back up purposes..