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U1960 Ring Back Tone Pulse and Pause

Publication Date:  2016-06-30 Views:  113 Downloads:  2
Issue Description
After User customized the Setup Menu , customer tested to call from Internal & External Call for the testing. User found that once the call has been forwarded, the RBT (Ring Back Tone ) is different Pulse and pause. User declare that RBT tone is not same as the original  UK Standard which is play by the IP Phone and User feel that their call is like been forwarded to International Call. Therefore, customer request to change the RBT which is play by the PBX to be same as their original RBT IP Phone eSpace 7910 & 7950 as UK Standard pause & pulse.


eSpace U1960



eSpace 7910



Scenario A :

When External call from PSTN hit the eSpace U1960 Automatic switch board Main Line, the eSpace U1960 will play a Welcome announcement  “Welcome to .........., Press 1 to..... Press 2 to or Press the Ext Number ) .  After User Press the Extension Number, the call will be forward to the selected extension number. During the Call is forward, user will hear the RBT “Ring Back Tone “which is  play by eSpace U1960. Therefore, after user found that it is a different Pulse & Pause tone, user feel that the call has been transfer to International Call and this cause inconvenient to the User. May be they need to pay for the International Call fee.


Scenario B :

When A Call to B , B Press Forward to C Number. Then A will hear the RBT tone which is play by the PBX system. The Pause & Pulse is also different from the normal UK 0.4 second pulse and 0.2 second pause.

Alarm Information
Handling Process

1.)   Understand User Scenario & their Requirement. User is having one unit eSpace U1960 & 180 unit eSpace Iphone 7910 & 7950, 10 unit eSpace 8950.

2.)   Collect the eSpace IP Phone and eSpace U1960  Type, Model & Version, Current configuration.

3.)   Use the Tool of LMT to collect the Logs during the actual scenario.

4.)   Setup the user environment on the lab & test the result.

5.)   Record the Voice and send to user to conform if that is the type of “RBT” they request.

6.)   Conformed the result and arrange with user for suitable time to execute the command line into the eSpace U1960 during non Working Hour or Off Peak hours.

7.)   Prepared the Backup Plan & Recovery Plan and schedule the operation time with user.

8.)   Successful executed the command line, rebooted the eSpace U1960 & tested the result.

9.)   Full fill user requirement and the issue solved.



Root Cause

Cutomer Requirements to make the Ring Back Tone Pulse and Pause same in all scenario scenario.

Different Country will use a different standard of Pulse & Pause in the RBT.

Example :

United Kingdom, Ireland and some Commonwealth nation

In the UKRepublic of IrelandAustraliaNew Zealand, and many Commonwealth nations, it is a double ring. For most countries, it consists of a 0.4-second pulse, a 0.2-second pause, a 0.4-second pulse, and a 2-second pause. In all cases except Australia, the pulse is made by mixing a 400 Hz and 450 Hz sine wave.



Communicate with User to Backup the Data.bin of the eSpace U1960. Explain to user about the Recovery Plan if any in circumstance happen.

The Operation has to be done after office hour or non peak hour due it need to reboot the system.


Log into eSpace U1960 via Putty / SecureCRT or LMT Tools.

Log into the config mode.


Command line :

config tone generate parameter tonetype ringback frequency1 400 freq1dbm -10 frequency2 450 freq2dbm -10 ontime1 20 offtime1 8 ontime2 2000 offtime2 4000


-Reboot the eSpace U1960.

-Do the Testing & commissioning on the Call Forward, Call Transfer for internal & External Call.



Definition :


Ringing tone Frequency1: 400 Hz + 450Hz

Frequencies’ Level: -10 dBm

frequency1 = Ring Tone Frequency   & Short Tone

frequency2 =   Ring Tone Frequency & Long Tone  

ontime1 = Ring tone on

offtime1 = Ring tone off

ontime2 = Pulse time

offtime2  = Pause time