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FAQ-How to check the CPU defend statistics on the S5700 LI/SI series switch

Publication Date:  2019-07-24 Views:  3394 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

A common problem we can meet on a device is the high CPU utilization. One of the first instincts when troubleshooting a high CPU utilization problem is to check the most active CPU tasks in order to determine which one is occupying a larger amount of the resources or to check the type and amount of packets sent to the CPU.

The latter procedure can be made by running the display cpu-defend statistics command which displays statistics on packets sent to the CPU, including the number of forwarded and discarded packets . According to the output of this command you can take different actions in order to limit or increase the rate of packets sent to the CPU.

In software versions newer than V2R7, this command can be run from the system view  just on the S5720EI and S5720HI series switches.The S5700 SI/LI do not include the command in the system view:




[R5_U28_S5700_ACC]display version                                                                                                   

Huawei Versatile Routing Platform Software                                                                                         

VRP (R) software, Version 5.160 (S5700 V200R008C00SPC500)                                                                           

Copyright (C) 2000-2015 HUAWEI TECH CO., LTD                                                                                       

HUAWEI S5700-28X-LI-AC Routing Switch uptime is 0 week, 3 days, 4 hours, 48 minutes            


[R5_U28_S5700_ACC]display cpu-defend ?                                                                                             

  applied        Applied                                                                                                            

  configuration  Current configuration                                                                                             

  policy         CPU-defend policy                                                                                                  


We can provide a way to use this command on the S5700 LI/SI series switches by entering the diagnose view as follows:




[R5_U28_S5700_ACC-diagnose]display cpu-defend statistics mcu                                                                       

 Statistics on mainboard:                                                                                                           


Packet Type          Pass(Packet)       Drop(Packet)                                                                                


8021x                          0           0                                                                                        

arp-reply                  17538           0                                                                                       

arp-request               384487           0                                                                                       

bpdu-tunnel                    0           0                                                                                       

capwap-ctrl                    0           0                                                                                       

dhcp-client                    0           0                                                                                        

dhcp-server                    0           0                                                                                       

dhcpv6-reply                   0           0                                                                                        

dhcpv6-request                 0           0                                                                                       

eth-ring                       0           0                                                                                        

fib-hit                    13939           0                                                                                       

ftp                            0           0                                                                                        

icmp                        2847           0                                                                                       

igmp                           0           0                                                                                        

ldt                            0           0                                                                                       

nd                             0           0                                                                                        

pppoe                          0           0                                                                                       

telnet                       674           0                                                                                        

vbst                           0           0                                                                                       

vbst-trunk                     0           0