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How to setup network address book with SFTP

Publication Date:  2016-08-29 Views:  279 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

If you are not able to correctly configure from scratch the network address book on a SMC2.0 and a terminal you can use this "step by step" guide.


1. Install and configure the FTP server.

For installing the FTP server please use FileZilla Server programm as per below:

Add an user on the FTP server you just installed as per below (in my example we are interconnecting the SMC2.0 with a VP9035 terminal):

FTP IP: (the same as SMC server)

FTP user name: vp9035

FTP password: vp9035

After you press OK you will receive this prompt for sharing at least one directory as a home FTP directory, please proceed as below:

After this step you have to create a folder (as FTP) to be set in the "Share folders" tab as per below:

In the next step we need to enable the SSL/TLS service as per below:

In FileZilla go to Edit -> Settings -> SSL/TLS settings

Check "Enable FTP over TLS"

Then generate a new certificate and input the information as shown in the picture below:

2. Create an address book

Open "address book editor" from your teminal's software version installation pack and then enable the activeX as prompted in the excel file:

Add all information of your site as per below:

Site type: for RP we will input "terminal", for 3 screen TP will input "TP site", in our case for VP9035 we will fill in "terminal"

Line type: normally is H323

Rate, Site number and IP address.

When you export the address book you need to select the charset as "UTF8" as per below:

Then you will be prompted to save the address book, and you must to do it in the FTP shared folder "Addressbook" and file must be named as "Netaddrs".

3. The root directory

You must have 2 files: Netaddrs.vcf and Version.txt

NOTE!!! Netaddrs.vcf is the address book.

Version.txt should be in this exact format: ver: YYYY.MM.DD.VV (year, month, day, any number)

This must be the same as the "GK version". When you change the network address book, this version should be changed. Usually you should change the date.

Verify the FTP status by logging in to in order to verify the FTP is working accordingly:

4. Settings in the SMC2.0 GK side

Log into the SMC2.0 and go to Devices -> Switch Centers -> Embedded SC -> Network Address Book -> Add, as per below:

Please pay attention when you add the Network address book details and keep in mind that the version number must be same with the one in the "Version.txt" file.

FTP login account must match with the user created in FTP server and FTP login password must match with the user password created in FTP server aswell. 

5. Settings in the terminal side -> This is a very important step

Set both Enable network address book and Synchronize automatically to Enable

Log in to the video terminal from the Web interface. Choose System Settings > Network > Network Address Book. 

Set the parameters as specified in the following table.

Enable network address book


Synchronize automatically

Enable (1h to 3days)

Local records prevail if duplicates exist


Prompt users during update         


Clear local records during update


Server address information must the same as you setting)

File path


User name




Delete all address books on the video terminal. 

From the Address Book tab page, select all address books, and click Delete.

Click ”download network address book“, then you will get the new address book, as per below path:

If you apply the steps above accordingly you will be able to setup a successful Network Address Book via SFTP on SMC2.0 with terminals.