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VCM System fail on using Behavior Analysis

Publication Date:  2016-10-06  |   Views:  1977  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  s00319392  |   Document ID:  EKB1000309227


Issue Description

User try to open the Behavior Analysis function in the VCM but it pop up an error message " The Password Expired ".

After solved the Password expired issue, user try on the Behavior Analysis function but still not able to work. It Pop up a new error message "119101308" 

After the Camera Exception Error is solve, there are new issue. User try to click on the Behavior Analysis but o response. Nothing happen after user try to click all the Camera / Site.


Basic Network Topo :

VCM-----ESDK------->VCN500------>IPC Camera

Alarm Information

1.) Password Expired

2.) Account Locked

3.) 119101308 ( Camera Exception )


Handling Process

1.) When User Click on the Behavior Analysis in the VCM, it pop up the error message "The Password Expired "

2.) Log into the VCN500 via eSpace IVS client and Change the Password of the User VCM.

3.)After Change the Password in VCN500 for the account VCM user, we must also change the password in the VCM site. Otherwise VCM will keep connect to VCN with the wrong password and causes the Account been Locked. We can log in with any Administrator accunt to unlock the VCM user account if it been Locked.

Log into VCM--->System Management ----->System Configuration-----> Survelliance Platform----->Edit the VCM Account Password.

User can choose to delete it and recreate

4.) After that , Click Start run on the Operation. It will Syn all the camera information.

 If the Password is wrong or the VCM account is not valid in the VCN system. User will find this error message when they try to syn the Camera.

5.) After the Syn Succesful, User can try to click on the Behavior Analysis but there are no response wen user click on it. Therefore , we need to log in the VCM system with the admin account. Check the User Account right properly. We found that the User Account right is on "location1"

System Management----->user Management------>Unit Information------>Unit directory----->location1  ( Maintain by : diodi , kukuh, oka  ) User.

6.) Go to Device Management -------> Camera Management

Select the Camera / Site Name which is under "Unit Directory" , then Change the Home Unit Name to "location1"

(Note : Only Choose and Change for those Camera user wish to Control / View )

7.) Change the Home unit to location1  and save it.

Another way is edit the Camera and Change the Home unit to "location1"

8.) After save succesful, the Camera will moved to the "location1" directory.


9.) Then User can log out from the admin account and log in as the User Account .

Go to Behavior Analysis ------>location1 Directory-----> Choose any Camera / Site Name . Customer can start to edit and enable the Analysis Policy and save it.

Note : The VCM system Database might take sometime to refresh the Tree Directory so user might need to log out and Log in or refresh the browser to see the Changes.


Root Cause

1.) VCN500 User Account Password will expired every 90 days.

2.) If user reset the Password in VCN500, User need to change the Password in the VCM also due it is inter related.

3.) When creating the User right, make sure it is under the correct directory. If the User did not create the right on that Directory , the user is not able to execute any function or view the information of the Camera / Site.


1.) Change the Account Password in the VCN500 which is used to interconnect with the VCM. This is for security purpose. Once it expired, it will affected the VCM interconnection to the VCN system.

2.) When resetting the Password of the user in VCN which is related to the VCM account, user must also reset the password in the VCM site. Otherwise it will not able to interconnect with each other ( VCM System and VNC System ). After the configuration, try to Syn and make sure it succesful.

3.) When creating a User right in the VCM, make sure it is created properly due if the right is not assign to the right Directory , user will not able to control/view the Camera / Site from the VCM.