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LUN invisible on ESXi occurred in 5500V3

Publication Date:  2016-10-29 Views:  121 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Faulty symptom: The customer found some of the LUN can't visible on ESXi, even the service IP address can ping through host and NAS service is working normally.

Version information: V300R003C10SPC100

Alarm Information
Handling Process

1. Collect and analyze operating data, we can find the customer configured host IP as below:

Logic Port Name: iSCSIa
        Running Status: Link Up
        IPv4 Address:
        IPv4 Mask:
        IPv4 Gateway:
        IPv6 Address:
        IPv6 Mask:
        IPv6 Gateway:
        Role: Service
        Support Protocol: NFS+CIFS
        Home Port Type: VLAN
        Home Port ID: Eth_CtrlA.52
        Owner Controller ID: 0A
        Current Port Type: VLAN
        Current Port ID: Eth_CtrlA.52
        Activation Status: Yes
        Address Family: IPv4
        Is Private: False
        Fail Over Group ID: 4148
        Failover Enabled: Yes
        Failover Group Name: VLAN-FailoverGroup-52
        Logic Port Route:

2. So, we almost understand the issue caused by inappropriate configuration.

Root Cause

1. Right now, on V3 storage, logic port only for NAS service and physical port only for SAN service. And one NIC port can only used as logic port or physical port, can't be used as both role.

2. In current software version, iSCSI can't support VLAN. At switch side, VLAN is access mode and one port can only belong to one VLAN ID. But at storage side, VLAN is tag mode, the advantage is one port can belong to different VLANs. So, on security view, there’s no difference between have or don’t have VLAN on storage side.  The only usage for VLAN on storage side is multi-tenant feature. So, V3 storage will support VLAN on iSCSI when multi-tenant feature released. 

But, for NAS service, V3 storage support VLAN, which means the customer can add VLAN ID to logic port.

3. We only support bond4 mode(802.3ad).

4. The fixed load balancing algorithm for the packets is hashing “XOR Source and Destination MAC”. But, at switch side, there's a lot of choices:

-Destination IP
-Destination MAC
-Source IP
-XOR Source and Destination IP (default)
-Source MAC
-XOR Source and Destination MAC

But even the algorithm of packet balance mode on bonding between switch and storage side is different, it's no impact on service in normal siuations.


1. Use other free port to create bonding port, then configure IP address on physical bonding port.

Please not, when configure IP address on bonding port, just configure IP address on either of the member port, then it will take effective on the corresponding bonding port.


1. We suggest configure port bonding between different NIC cards which can tolarent NIC card faulty.