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CAD client is not working fine

Publication Date:  2016-11-26 Views:  162 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Customer feedback an issue that in live environment, the functions of ECC Client was not working. Then he has to switching the CAD server nodes. Customer wish to know the reason.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

Since customer has a master slave 2 nodes. So ask customer feedback the CAD logs in both nodes.after customer feedback the CAD logs. Then we check the logs one by one.

1.first we check the log of monitor_n1.log, we found until 01:34, the node 1 works fine.

[2016-9-24 00:35:48][monitor]monitor appServer start............

[2016-9-24 00:35:48][monitor]appServer process count is 1

[2016-9-24 00:35:49][monitor]Return code 0. Appserver service is ok.

[2016-9-24 01:34:23][monitor]monitor appServer start............

[2016-9-24 01:34:23][monitor]appServer process count is 1

[2016-9-24 01:34:23][monitor]Return code 0. Appserver service is ok.

[2016-9-24 01:36:40][monitor]

[2016-9-24 01:36:40][monitor]monitor appServer start............

[2016-9-24 01:36:40][monitor]appServer process count is 0

      Then we check the log of monitor_n2.logwe found that node 2 start to work.

[2016-9-24 01:33:09][monitor]

[2016-9-24 01:33:09][monitor]monitor appServer start............

[2016-9-24 01:33:09][monitor]appServer process count is 0

[2016-9-24 01:33:09][monitor]appServer process count is 0

[2016-9-24 01:33:10][monitor]appServer process count is 0

[2016-9-24 01:33:10][monitor]Return code 0. AppServer process not exist

[2016-9-24 01:35:13][monitor]

[2016-9-24 01:35:13][monitor]monitor appServer start............

[2016-9-24 01:35:13][monitor]appServer process count is 1

[2016-9-24 01:35:13][monitor]Return code 0. Appserver service is ok.

2.Secondly we check in the catalina_n1_1.out log. the relative CAD services works fine until 1:34 am. we can see below(hide the incidentNO because of the security).

2016-09-24 01:34:23.302 | [INFO ] | [app-exec-2] | LogLevel=Info | ServiceCode=CAD Appserver | ModuleCode=CAD Appserver01 | Content=IncidentNoticeRepository.clientNotice start | Result=success | Description=

2016-09-24 01:34:23.302 | [INFO ] | [app-exec-2] | LogLevel=Info | ServiceCode=CAD Appserver | ModuleCode=CAD Appserver01 | Content=param->refreshIndex:4,5,6 incidentNo:xxx noticeBean:IncidentNoticeBean [id=null, incidentNo=xxx, noticeTime=null, noticeType=32, noticeContent=<xxx>null<xxx>Incident close by system, readStatus=0, timeoffset=null] resourceGroupIds:null workbenchIdList:[2427] | Result=success | Description= 

3. Thirdly we found that in the logs CAD communicate with middleware failed.

2016-09-24 00:35:49.224 | [ERROR] | [app-exec-49] | LogLevel=Error | ServiceCode=CAD Appserver | ModuleCode=CAD Appserver01 | Content=create incident(call by middleware) failed | Result=failure | Description=null

Root Cause

After the analysis of the log, we doubt that the issue is caused by the communication between CAD and middleware failed. Then caused this issue. while in CAD internally, it works fine. We can see the service and process is working fine. 


for the reason why communication failed, we need 3rd party to check, so the temporary solution is switch the node.Then we feedback this result to customer. customer agree to the result.


Be familiar with normal analysis ways.