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How to clear disk partition in V2&V3 storage

Publication Date:  2017-02-08 Views:  136 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

1. We have reserved disk partition for coffer disks. It used to store system configuration, system log, dirty cache data when power lost, and so on.

2. If the customer put normal disk into coffer disk slot and put it back to original slot, he'll find the usable capacity of disk will reduce. Or, if someone put coffer disk to another storage system, he'll find the storage can't recognize these disks. In these cases, we need to clear the reservered disk partition to restore these disks.


1. login storage by command line, enter diagnose mode. Execute comamnd "sddebug show disk" and record block device ID of the disks your need to clear disk partition, also you need to record the sector size of the disks.

As below example, we can find the block disk ID of DAE010.3 is sd-75a.

admin:/>change user_mode current_mode user_mode=developer
admin:/diagnose>sddebug show disk
    ID      SDID Serial Number             Size     Type   Capacity   Sector   BlkDev
 ---------  ---- ------------------        ----     ----   --------   ------   ------
    CTE0.1    32 FN0215040230000297        2.5      SSD      59G      512        sda
    CTE0.0    64 6SJ93CWB0000N5413G25      3.5      SAS     277G      520     sd-64a
  DAE010.0    65 Z1Z8CA990000R524G1W2      3.5   NL_SAS    3704G      520     sd-65a
    CTE0.1    66 6SJ8TA6P0000N52926JV      3.5      SAS     277G      520     sd-66a
    CTE0.3    67 6SJ9378S0000N5413GKV      3.5      SAS     277G      520     sd-67a
    CTE0.4    68 6SJ8SWZ80000N52703HX      3.5      SAS     277G      520     sd-68a
    CTE0.5    69 6SJ937DC0000N5413FAW      3.5      SAS     277G      520     sd-69a
    CTE0.2    70 6SJ8SJ5M0000N5294ALV      3.5      SAS     277G      520     sd-70a
  DAE010.4    71 Z1Z8C5D80000R524G1SU      3.5   NL_SAS    3704G      520     sd-71a
  DAE010.1    72 Z1Z88ZGE0000R524FZGV      3.5   NL_SAS    3704G      520     sd-72a
  DAE010.2    73 Z1Z8CATF0000R524G02S      3.5   NL_SAS    3704G      520     sd-73a
  DAE010.5    74 Z1Z8C5920000R525YT6Z      3.5   NL_SAS    3704G      520     sd-74a
  DAE010.3    75 Z1Z88ZFP0000R5251NS0      3.5   NL_SAS    3704G      520     sd-75a

2. Input "exit" to quit diagnose mode.

3. Execute "minisystem" and enter minisystem mode.

4. If the sector size is 520, please execute below command to clear disk partion. Please note, the last parameter is block device ID, you need to replace it as real disk you need to clear.

disktool -f w -a 524288 -l 16 -c 0x00 -I 1 /dev/sd-75a
disktool -f w -a 526336 -l 8 -c 0x00 -I 1 /dev/sd-75a
disktool -f w -a 1046528 -l 16 -c 0x00 -I 1 /dev/sd-75a

Please note, -f w represent to write operation, -a 524288 means write from LBA adress 524288, -l 16 means write length is 16 sectors, -c 0x00 means write char as 0x00 to clear partition information, -I 1 means target disk type is SSD/SAS/NL-SAS.

5. If the sector size is 4160, the LBA address and length need to divide 8. So, the comand format should be below:

disktool -f w -a 65536 -l 2 -c 0x00 -I 1 /dev/sd-75a
disktool -f w -a 65792 -l 1 -c 0x00 -I 1 /dev/sd-75a
disktool -f w -a 130816 -l 2 -c 0x00 -I 1 /dev/sd-75a

6. After clear the disk partition information, we need to power off and power off the disk. If the disk is visable in system(put coffer disk back to normal slot), you can execute below command:

poweroff disk disk_id=DAE010.3
poweron disk disk_id=DAE010.3

If the disk is invisable in system(put coffer disk to another storage), you need to pull out and plug in the disk.

7. Then, you'll find the disk is normal now.