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Remote replication can't establish connenction on OceanStor 5500V3

Publication Date:  2017-02-25 Views:  133 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Fault symptom: Customer changed network, after link down/up, the remote replication can't establish connection any more.

Version information: V300R003C10SPC100

Networking overview:

Alarm Information

Alarm found in Event log:

2017-02-07 08:32:46    0x200F00270119    Informational    None    admin: failed to start synchronization within the remote replication (remote replication ID 48435a5676ad0002, primary file system ID 3, secondary file system ID 0, remote device SN 2102350BVBCBG8003986), and the error code is 0x40400713.

2017-01-31 09:41:56    0xF0E10001    Major    2017-02-07 10:18:41    The replication link (link ID 0,  local controller 0A,  local port CTE0.A.IOM0.P1,  remote controller 0A,  remote port CTE0.A.IOM0.P1,  remote device name storage11,  serial number 2102350BVBCBG8003986) was disconnected. Therefore,  the remote devices cannot be accessed.

Handling Process

1. Check the Event.txt in MAIN controller and we can find remote replication link was down 31th January, up again 7th Feburary. But remote replication pair still can't start synchronization.

2. Search link down/up event in system log, we found below messages:

[2017-02-07 10:58:37][2398432.795002] [600546858][15000003db397][INFO][Port:0x00020001(eth9) send event:12, DRV_DEVT_LINK_DOWN.][NIC][CallFunc,225][kworker/u:
[2017-02-07 10:58:37][2398433.015672] [600546913][15000003db397][INFO][Port:0x00020001(eth9) send event:13, DRV_DEVT_LINK_UP.][NIC][CallFunc,225][kworker/u:1]
[2017-02-07 10:58:37][2398433.123470] [600546940][15000003db397][INFO][Port:0x00020001(eth9) send event:12, DRV_DEVT_LINK_DOWN.][NIC][CallFunc,225][kworker/u:
[2017-02-07 10:58:39][2398434.356508] [600547249][15000003db397][INFO][Port:0x00020001(eth9) send event:13, DRV_DEVT_LINK_UP.][NIC][CallFunc,225][kworker/u:1]
[2017-01-30 16:21:25][1727655.980027] [432590124][15000003db397][INFO][Port:0x00022000(eth2) send event:12, DRV_DEVT_LINK_DOWN.][NIC][CallFunc,225][kworker/u:1]

It's physical link down/up event.

3. Check configuration data, we found the port is link up/Normal status:

        ID: CTE0.A.IOM0.P3
        Health Status: Normal
        Running Status: Link Up
        Type: Host Port
        IPv4 Address: --
        IPv4 Mask: --
        IPv4 Gateway: --
        IPv6 Address: --
        IPv6 Mask: --
        IPv6 Gateway: --

        MTU: 1500
        Port Route:

        MAC: 2c:ab:00:98:1e:7e
        Role: INI and TGT
        Mode: Duplex
        Working Rate(Mbps): 10000
        Bond Name:
        iSCSI Port: 0
        iSCSI Name:
        Error Packets: 0
        Lost Packets: 0
        Over Flowed Packets: 0
        Start Time: Fri Jul   8 06:55:30 2016
        Enabled: Yes

        SFP Info:
            Vendor Name: CISCO-TYCO     
            Vendor PN: 2127493-3      
            Vendor SN: 154900041
            Status: 0xa
            Temperature(C): 00000000
            Tx power(uW): 00000000
            Rx power(uW): 00000000

But the SFP type is CISCO, Tx power and Rx power are both 0. So, this issue should be the SFP problem.

Root Cause

The remote replication module need to check the Tx and Rx power when link up event reported, because it need to confirm the link can't work normally. But, when customer use CISCO SFP, the storage can't get Tx and Rx power from the SFP.  So, even the SFP is link up the remote replication still can't use it, still consider the link is down.

Change CISCO SFP to our compatible SFP.