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APs remain in idle status after upgrade to V2R7

Publication Date:  2017-05-23 Views:  1000 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

After upgrading AC6605 from V200R006 to V200R007 customer had issue with APs in idle status, customer did not make any other configuration change, just the software upgrade.

Handling Process

Check if you can ping AP from AC if ok stelnet to AP and check software version.

Check if AP can establish capwap tunnel with AC, to do that check if CAPWAP source configured on AC is the same as the option 43 configured on the DHCP server.

We noticed that capwap source configured on AC is not the same as the option 43 configured on the dhcp server.

On AC:


capwap source ip-address


On DHCP server(Linux):

subnet netmask {


option routers;

option subnet-mask;

option serverip 03:0E:31:37:32:2E:32:30:2E:32:35:35:2E:31:30:39;


If you convert from ASCII 31:37:32:2E:32:30:2E:32:35:35:2E:31:30:39 you will get the ip address , not the capwap source configured on AC but the IP configured as VRRP ip for a vlanif.

For the conversion table check the following link:


Root Cause

In software version V2R6 and bellow in order for an AP to establish capwap tunnel with AC it was needed for the option 43 ip to be any ip found on the AC, so when the AP made the request
for capwap tunnel to the AC, the AC would recognize that it’s a capwap request on one of his IP’s and reply to the AP with the correct capwap IP.

In software version V2R7 and above IF the AC receives a request for capwap tunnel establishment from a different IP then the configured capwap source the AC will drop the packet and
as a result the APs will not be able to establish the capwap tunnel and remain in idle state.


Change configuration on Linux dhcp server with: 

 option serverip 03:0E:31:37:32:2E:32:30:2E:32:32:37:2E:32:35:34;

31:37:32:2E:32:30:2E:32:32:37:2E:32:35:34 in binary is