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TE40 need to extend the camera cable distance

Publication Date:  2017-06-27 Views:  306 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

the customer want to extend the camera distance for 40mtr.

the customer use this connection

 Camera -- DVI Cable -- DTP DVI 330 TX -- Ethernet cable -- DTP DVI 330 RX -- Codec.

but the camera is not working.

TE40 version is V500R002C00SPC200.


Handling Process

1- we provide the customer with the information for extend the camera distace for 40 meters.


The video extension cable length is determined by the quality of products such as DVI extender,

DVI cable, and video matrix. Higher quality products ensure that signal attenuation will not occur

even if long video extension cables are used. Products from mainstream vendors are recommended.

 2-The customer tell us about his connection:

Camera -- DVI Cable -- DTP DVI 330 TX -- Ethernet cable -- DTP DVI 330 RX -- Codec.

and the camer was not working with this solution.

3-we asked the customer to confirmed that the camera is working correctly when connected directly to the codec and also the both DVI cables are okay and he confirmed it worked correctly.

4-the TE40 also is working individually correctly but when become in one solution the TE40 doesn’t work and power LEDS of Extron device appear amber. so we provide the customer with this  steps:-

a-Connect directly to TE40 and  make this configuration:

1- Choose System Settings > Input/Output and click the Video Output tab.

2- press ENTER.

3-choose DVI.

and the customer changed settings and connected DVI transmitter, but no image on the display, still amber light in the transmitter. 

5- we asked the customer to make this steps

a-asked the customer toy Try to connect the camera to TV(or some display monitor) via Extron DTP DVI 330 TX and Extron DTP DVI 330 RX. To check whether the image of the camera can be displayed on the monitor. Camera -- DVI Cable -- DTP DVI 330 TX -- Ethernet cable -- DTP DVI 330 RX – TV(monitor)- this is customer reply Except Huawei Camera image other sources or working fine( Laptop, bluray, Cisco camera, sony camera )

so we can know that this problem is because the camera reason, not TE40.

b- As you mentioned before , The cable connection is like this:-

Camera -- DVI Cable -- DTP DVI 330 TX -- Ethernet cable -- DTP DVI 330 RX -- Codec.

Did the DTP DVI 330 RX connected to the TE40’s HD-VI port , or HDMI port ? – his reply Yes, its connected with Codec 

c-If the HD-VI is connected before, try connecting to the HDMI.-his reply  we have tried both HDMI and DVI  no response from camera. 

6-We have been checked the product Doc of the DTP DVI 330 TX , the DTP DVI 330 TX need remote DVI display as the DDC(EDID) reference, but the HDVI port of the TE40 which is a private port , do not support the DDC(EDID) reference, so you can see the DTP DVI 330 TX didn’t work in this scenario.that is why this scenario can only work fine with a EDID minder , this EDID minder can generate a EDID info into the display signal 

and we advice to connect the equipments with this way

Camera to DVI Cable to EDID Minder –DTP DVI 330 TX  – DTP DVI 330 RX– codec