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TE30 fail to Join Call conference Call with Jamvee Bridge Cloud

Publication Date:  2017-07-28  |   Views:  454  |   Downloads:  0  |   Author:  s00319392  |   Document ID:  EKB1000772281


Issue Description

TE30 fail to Join Call conference Call with Jamvee Bridge Cloud.

TE30 end point is using H.323 as a source protocol to connecting to the Jamvee Bridge but due of the DTMF compatibility Issue, the Conference call is fail.

During the video conference call, TE30 will manually join in Jamvee Bridge meeting by dialling the IP address follow by the Password.


Jamvee Bridge is a Cloud Bridge Software Version : V4.6.1

Once the TE30 call to the Javee Bridge Cloud by H.323 sucessful, the IVR will prompt to enter the Password to join in the Conference.


TE30 Version :



Network Topo

TE30 (Static Public IP )--------->Internet--------->Jamvee Bridge Cloud

Alarm Information


Handling Process

1.) Make sure the Conference mode is un encryption. ( Wireshark Capture Purpose for Analysis Log use )

2.)Log into the TE30 with the debug mode to capture the Log file.


Command :

ccm trace ccmon

ccm trace info

h323c trace call on

trace on

3.) Wireshark the Package from the switches for the RTP file.

- After making sure the Conference is in un encryption mode, the wireshark will contain the details of the DTMF .

This is the User Input where Jamvee Bridge is using to request for Conference Party to enter the Password. ( DTMF – Inband / Outband )

4.) After analysis the Wireshark Logs, we found the actual situation is  TE30 only contains DTMF capability below as TE30 can successful join in the  conference.  When Jamvee Bridge request to enter userinput signaling of H.245 ,  TE30 fail to send the secondary dial tone of DTMF. Jamvee Bridge is using a different signal type of signaling H.245 as UserInput.

Root Cause

Jamvee Bridge is using old technology of DTMF as special marked event in the RTP stream (Inband) RFC2833.

Hence, TE30 do not support this type of DTMF in the old software version.

Reference :

Based on the Standard ITU-T recommendation, Q.23 the secondary dial tone which fullfill the requirements of the DTMF should be correspond to the following standard audio stream :

SIP DTMF signalling are 3 common ways of sending the DTMF on SIP Calls.

1.)SIP INFO packets ( Out-of-band )

2.)Specially marked events in the RTP stream (Inband) RFC 2833

3.) Normal Audio Tone in the RTP stream with no special coding or marker ( Inband )

RFC2833 defines Signaling for Various events :

-DTMF tones

-Fax related tones

-Country Specific subscriber line tones

-trunk events

They start with :


Upgrade to latest version : TEX0 V500R002C00SPC500 or latest

After upgrade to the latest version, user need to log into the debug mode and enter below command to enable the new features.


You need to enter debug commands, and set the value to 1


ui config set conf.NeedSignalUserInput

mc omitMSDInReTCS set 1

mc RADVisionMCUFlag set 1



The save it.


ui config save