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Logical Hard Disk Faulty but physically okay

Publication Date:  2017-08-10 Views:  140 Downloads:  0
Issue Description


In OceanStor 9000, it's a peculiar case.

Sometimes the Hard disk in a particular node (P12) will be marked as logically bad or highlighted in yellow colour in the device manager. But the LED will be green in colour, and overall status will be show as good in device manger.

It's is very difficult to identify the actual reason why it is highlighted as yellow, despite it is showing good!!

To identify the issue R&D is involved with deep log collection and analysis.

Alarm Information

Only a yellow mark over the logically bad hard disk will be shown, no major alarms will be generated

Handling Process


1. Ensure that no major alarm is generated for that particular hard disk

2. If point 1 is passed, then check the status in the deice manger (DFS) for the pictorial representation. Here further if you click on the image of the hard disks in that node, you will see yellow mark (but all the physical status will be good), so there is some problem.

3. This is because of, the hard disk which was removed and inserted back within 30 seconds of time, which made the device to think it is some other device hard disk and will mark it faulty logically.

Root Cause


For this issue one of the root cause was, an engineer / customer removed the hard disk and slide in that hard disk immediately with less than 30 seconds gap. R&D recommends to wait for 30 Seconds to 1 minute until you put back the hard disk.



1. Replace the logically marked bad  hard disk with a new one


2. Reinstall the DFS software, after resetting the DFS software. No need to reset the network, cluster id during this process.



Please be careful to wait at least 30 seconds to 1 minute of time, until you out back the removed hard disk into that slot.