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FusionAccess process residue

Publication Date:  2017-08-23 Views:  142 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

The VM(ID: i-00000A8 )  latest data is appear and disappear in VDI VM when customer reboot it several times 

two hosts (VDI01, VDI02),VM(ID:i00000AB),process(1874)

Alarm Information

No alarm

Handling Process

The 1874 process on host VDI01 is a residual process that needs to be cleaned. Before cleaning, you need to copy only the data you see on VDI01.
Operation is as follows:

1. The VM running on the host VDI01 and VD
I02, to identify only VDI01 can see, and VDI02 can not see the data, and then start the virtual machine on the VDI01, the data copy out.

2. The virtual machine running on the host VDI02, copy the data within the virtual machine backup.

3. The virtual on the VDI01 close, putty log VDI01, the implementation of the following order:

  Check tapdisk process pid and minor by command “tap-ctllist|grep vol_uuid”     

 Kill the tapdisk process,by command “tap-ctl destroy -p PID -m minor”

 Restart nc service by command “service vnad restart”

Root Cause

1.After the VM(ID: i-00000A8) shutdown, the volume process(tapdisk 1874) residue in host VDI01,I t doesn't close the disk file a.vhd


2. When the VM(ID: i-00000A8) start again, The tapdisk (PID:1874 )set disk file a.vhd to share mode.

3.When VM create the disk snapshot ,It will do the follow operation for disk file a.vhd

l Rename a.vhd to b.pome.

l Create Differential volume a.vhd base on b.prome.

The volume process tapdisk (PID:18764 ) should be open a.vhd file, In fact it open the b.pome Incorrectly.
And  it will write
Incorrectly data to b.pome data file.

4. When the VM(ID: i-00000A8) start on host VDI02 ,It will open the disk file a.vhd and write the data into a.vhd when the VM(ID: i-00000A8)


5. the VM(ID:i-00000A8) run on different host (VDI01 and VDI02 ),it will open different disk file and see different data.











It can reduce the problem probability of occurrence after the FusionCompute upgrade version V100R006C00U1SPC003


After upgrading the target version can reduce the probability of occurrence, it doesn't extermination