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ISDN call facilities with TE series devices.

Publication Date:  2017-09-11 Views:  232 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

In  VC services we have multiple solution. In Such scenarion  generally using the below protocol for video conferencing.

1. H.323

2. SIP

Both protocol are very success, and our TE series devices are very much compatible with both protocol in various kind of requirements, and running good with multiple features.

The Third one protocol is ISDN also demandable in some place, but our devices are not compatible with this protocol when using the PRI link for ISDN.  IN the PRI line, have 32 channels.

In 32 channels 2 channels are for physical use and remaining 30 channels are for use, per channels bandwidth utilized 64kbps. So generally using 2 or 3 channels at a time to make the video call.

Alarm Information

There are no any major Alarm for this issue. 

Generally receive the logs- disconnection causes- due to not reachable far end side.

Handling Process

In such scenarion, we provide the solution to customer to use a ISDN gateway.

This ISDN gateway will capable to convert the ISDN call into the SIP call and Vice versa.

So in such scenario if any users dialling the ISDN call to the TE series device, then first call will received by ISDN gateway, then gateway will convert this call into SIP, and then call will received by TE series device. SImilary once TE device need to make call by ISDN then first he will initiate the call to Gateway in SIP, and then Gateway will convert it into ISDN and then send this call to out side by ISDN channel.

Generally ISDN call services can support both kind of calls- Only Audio & Video calls both.

Root Cause

This case is based on ISDN call services with TE series device. Here I am conisdering the TE 50 device to consider this case.

Root Cause- Our devices are not suppoeted ISDN call in some cases becasuse the available port on TE series device hardware (codec) are supported based on BRI,  while if using PRI then it can't work. In such scenario not work.


The Solution which have given are explain below.

First we have done this testing with ISDN gateway, and prefer the ISDN product who can able to work as a converter from ISDN to IP call and IP call to ISDN. 

and then upgrade the version of TE 50. Select the version V5R2 series who supported the  LIfesize gateway, as shown in below picture.


And then conffigure the Lifesize gateway IP address into the TE 50.

Then configure the Lifesize gateway to make compatible as per need of TE50. Attaching below snashots of Gateway configuration.

Lifesize Gateway Configuration-

Once the PRI line connected  with  Gateway  and signal received and integrated with  TE50 then can test the call scenario from Out side. and then we achieve successfull call.


I would like to suggaste we should develop the hardware who have the PRI ports also, who can support PRI lines also, SO that we can use our own device in such scenario without any failure. Thanks