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5GHZ users low RSSI

Publication Date:  2017-10-01 Views:  557 Downloads:  0
Issue Description

Customer complains that only 5GHz users connectivity is flapping in most of WLAN areas allthough 2.4GHz users are working fine

Access Controller and AP version are below 

AC6605 V200R006C10SPC200
AP5030DN V200R006C10SPC600

Handling Process

1-Checked AC configuration and I found that APs working in overlapping channels on 2.4G and 5GHz. For 2.4GHz, 

For 2.4GHZ There are APs working in Channel 4 but we should either use 1,6,11 or 3,5,9,13
For 5Ghz, all APs working in same channel so dBm will be reduces because of signal interference.

2-  We can see the user offline reason is low RSSI, then check the signal, ME is the maximu power of AP, CE is the actual power , you can see most of AP the power is very low

Root Cause

Because the 5GHZ power is so lower. After adjust all the AP 5g power to be the maximum, the sta singal is good. And you can see Users 5g signal is good now .

For 2.4g, it has a lower attenuation, while for 5g, it has a bigger attenuation, that means, for the same AP power, you stay in same place, 5g singnal will be weaker than 2.4g, that’s why for 5g, we often keep it as the maximum power. While for 2.4g, in order to decrease interference, we must decrease the AP power .


1-For 5GHZ band, you should close the calibrate, then bind with vap-profile,and then, you should manually adjust all 5GHZ power to the maximum .

[AC6605-wlan-view] rrm-profile name 5g
[AC6605-wlan-rrm-prof-rrm01] calibrate auto-txpower-select disable
[AC6605-wlan-view] radio-5g-profile name 5g
[AC6605-wlan-radio-2g-prof-office01] rrm-profile 5g

[AC6605] wlan 
[AC6605-wlan-view] ap-id 1
[AC6605-wlan-ap-1] radio 0
[AC6605-wlan-radio-1/0] eirp 30
Info: The EIRP value takes effect only when automatic transmit power selection i
s disabled, and the value depends on the AP specifications and local laws and re

2- Some other suggestions for your configuraiton 

Change SNR value based on WLAN environment and Station noise 

rrm-profile name default

  calibrate auto-channel-select disable
  smart-roam enable
  smart-roam quick-kickoff-threshold snr 30 //

 3- Increase 5GHZ Channel bandwidth to 40Mhz for better access rate

radio 1

   vap-profile RG wlan 1
    channel 20mhz 157 // for 5g, you’d better use 40mhz