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Fusion Access/Fusion Compute: add GPU Nvidia Tesla M60 to VM.

Publication Date:  2017-12-20 Views:  1026 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

The step-by-step manual how to add Nvidia GPU card (for example, Tesla M60) to FusionCompute VM.


Obtain tools and drivers on

NVIDIA License Server

The license server requires a fixed IP address. The server’s Ethernet MAC address is used as a unique identifier when registering the server and generating licenses in NVIDIA’s licensing portal. The server runs on either Windows or Linux.

1.       1. Copy the MAC address of GRID license server. You will need this address for registering the license server and downloading license file.

2.       2. Select Register License Server from under GRID Licensing in the left pane of the NVIDIA Software Licensing Center page to display the Create Server page.


hf1.  3. Fill in your server details on the Register Server page. Enter the MAC address of the GRID license server in the MAC Address field.

          4. Select the server to display View Server page. On this page, select Map Add-Ons to associate required number of licenses with this server. You can also create multiple servers and distribute your GRID licenses across them by mapping licenses to servers as necessary.

5.  Select Download License File and save the .bin file onto your license server for installation. Java is required to install the NVIDIA GRID License Server. The package comes in a .zip file.

6.  Unzip the license server installer.

7.  Run setup.exe and follow the installation wizard.

8. Go to http://localhost:8080/licserver to display the License Server Configuration page. You will need the License Server’s MAC Address to generate a license .bin file on the portal.

9. Select Configuration from the menu in the left pane.

10. Use the License Server Configuration menu to install the .bin file:

a) Select Choose File.

b) Use the file browser to locate the .bin file downloaded from the licensing portal web site.

GPU Mode Switch Utility

If  GPU card Tesla M60 in compute mode, you must use the gpumodeswitch tool to change the mode of the GPU to graphics mode. If you are unsure which mode your GPU is in, use the gpumodeswitch tool to find out the mode.

1.       Log in to the host as user gandalf and use WinSCP to upload the gpumodeswitch file to the /home directory on the host.

2.       Use PuTTY to log in to the host.

3.       Run the following command and enter the password of user root to switch to user root:

su - root

4.       Run the following command to disable user logout upon system timeout:


5.       Run the following command to switch the directory:

cd /home

6.       Run the following command to configure the file permission:

chmod 755 gpumodeswitch

7.       Run the following command to switch the GPU mode to graphic:

./gpumodeswitch --gpumode graphics

8.       Run the following command to restart the host:


9.       Run the following command in the /home directory to check the current GPU mode:

./gpumodeswitch -listgpumodes



 1.       Decompress the obtained GPU driver package NVIDIA-vgx-uvp-xxx-xxx.x86_64.rar.

2.       Use WinSCP to upload NVIDIA-vgx-uvp-xxx-xxx.x86_64.rpm to the /home directory on the host.

3.       Use PuTTY to log in to the host as user gandalf and run the su - root command to switch to user root.

4.       Run the cd /home command to switch to the /home directory.

5.       Run the following command to install the host GPU driver:

rpm -ivh NVIDIA-vgx-uvp-xxx-xxx.rpm

6.       Run the following command to restart the host:



Configure the Host GPU mode.

1.       Click the name of the target host in the host list on FusionCompute, click the Device tab, and click GPU.

2.       Locate the row containing the target GPU, and click Modify in the Operation column.

A dialog box is displayed.

3.       From the drop-down list, select a GPU mode.

You can set any of the modes:

Attach GRID vGPU Profile to a VM

1. On FusionCompute, click the name of the VM to which a GPU is to be attached.

The Summary page is displayed.

2. Click GPU on the Hardware page

3. Click Attach GPU.

4. Power cycle the VM for the attached GPU to take effect.

Install the NVIDIA driver into a VM

1.       Install GRID vGPU driver.

1.       2. Restart VM and connect to VM.

Configure VM for an NVIDIA GRID vGPU License

1.       1. Go to the NVIDIA Control Panel (right-click on your desktop)

1.       2. Select Manage License from the left pane

2.       3, Enter your license server address and port. These settings can be preloaded through register keys. The license settings persist across reboots. A license is obtained prior to the user logging into the VM.

3.       4. Select Apply.