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NE20E VPN route through layer 3 network

Publication Date:  2017-12-26 Views:  339 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

Product: NE20E

Network topology:

2G_BTS<-->carrier L3 Layer<-->NE20E<-->VPN_2G_BTS

Network Overview: In this network, both ends are customer network, and the right of router is NE20E, and the middle network belong carrier.On the left end, the customer's terminal access to carrier router and through carrier layer 3 network, and then connect to the customer's router NE20E. In the carrier,they only make sure the terminal can access to NE20E.In the customer's core network, there are running vpn distinguish three business. Taking vpn-instance VPN1 as example, the terminal network ip address is,the ip address of interface that connect to carrier is, the carrier port ip address is, the vpn VPN1 gateway is

Problem description: Customer wants to the terminal can access to core network, but now, the terminal only can access to NE20E, can't access to core network.Taking vpn-instance VPN1 as example, the terminal can pingable,and NE20E can pingable terminal from source, but terminal can't pingable the vpn VPN1 gateway,and can't pingable terminal too.


Alarm Information



Handling Process

1.This problem is how to configure the public network and VPN intercommunication issues;

2.List the network segments that need to be interoperable,

Public network segments:

VPN-instance VPN1:

3.Configuring static route leak:

ip route-static vpn-instance VPN1 public   /vpn to public
ip route-static  vpn-instance VPN1             /public to vpn

4.After configuring, test again, the vpn and public network route reachabcle.



Root Cause

 Public network and VPN network don't contain each other route, lead to can't pingable each other.



Configuring static route leak on the NE20E:

ip route-static vpn-instance VPN1 public   /vpn to public
ip route-static  vpn-instance VPN1             /public to vpn



Static route leaking is a way of public and private network intercommunication,when we can't use bgp mpls vpn solving vpn and public network intercommunication issue, we can use this way.