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Super VLAN configuration

Publication Date:  2018-01-02 Views:  765 Downloads:  0
Issue Description




S7700 Version:



Customer has that topology, and needs to have all cameras in same VLAN because management. Nevertheless, ISP provider only can provide a 100mbps speed per VLAN through VPLS by L2, and it wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t a VLAN designated for video which needs a high bandwidth. Both access switches are complete L2.







Handling Process


This is an issue that can be solved using a Super VLAN. It is going to permit us to have 2 different VLANS sharing 1 single gateway.

Step 1

Create all VLANs that we have to use. In this case we will use VLAN 4092 for be super VLAN, and the 1251 and 1252 for access.

[SUC2-CO-S77-R4-01]vlan batch 1251 1252 4092


Step 2

Configure VLAN 4092 as an aggregation VLAN and the 1252 and 1251 as access.

[SUC2-CO-S77-R4-01] vlan 4092

[SUC2-CO-S77-R4-01-vlan4092] aggregate-vlan
[SUC2-CO-S77-R4-01-vlan4092] access-vlan 1251 to 1252
[SUC2-CO-S77-R4-01-vlan4092] quit


Step 3

Now, we need to configure the interface vlan, our gateway.


[SUC2-CO-S77-R4-01] interface vlanif 4092

[SUC2-CO-S77-R4-01-intvlan4092] ip address
[SUC2-CO-S77-R4-01-intvlan4092] quit


Is necessary to configure next command:


[SUC2-CO-S77-R4-01-intvlan4092] arp-proxy inter-sub-vlan-proxy enable

[SUC2-CO-S77-R4-01] quit


The arp-proxy inter-sub-vlan-proxy enable command enables inter-VLAN proxy ARP or enables ARP proxy on a sub-interface. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to reach one IP from vlan 1251 to vlan 1252.

Step 4

Configure trunk interface in vlan 1251 and 1252 tagged.

interface GigabitEthernet0/0/1
 port link-type trunk
 port trunk allow-pass vlan 1251 1252 4092


Step 5

 Configure access interfaces in both L2 switches. They only have one single vlan configure, so it is not necessary a trunk interface.


Switch 1

interface Ethernet0/0/1
 port link-type trunk
 port default vlan 1251

Switch 2



interface Ethernet0/0/1
 port link-type access
 port default vlan 1252

A super VLAN is used when you need that your gateway be able to function as gateway of two different VLANs. It must be used as a last resource. With a good design you can avoid the use of this kind of vlan.