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CLI connection to controller ends up in minisystem on OceanStor S5500T

Publication Date:  2018-01-30 Views:  330 Downloads:  0

Issue Description

When trying to make a SSH connection to one controller of the storage, controller enters in minisystem and brings up the following Error:



Error      : Remaining memory is less than 80 MB, or the number of CLI users that concurrently log in reaches 4.

Suggestion : Quit one or more logged-in CLIs, or release some memoryspace and try again later.


Storage: minisystem>


Software version: V200R002C30

Handling Process

1. In minisystem run the following commands:

free -m

Example output of the commands:

Storage: minisystem> free -m 

             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached

Mem:          1335       1293         41          0          0        396
-/+ buffers/cache:        896        438

Swap:            0          0          0


We can see that the free memory of the controller is very low.

 2. Check the login users by command " –q", We can see here all the active CLI connections. Example command output:
Storage: minisystem> -q

admin:/diagnose>aa showonlineuser

User Name               Address Info    Login Time

mm_user              Wed Apr  26 09:53:18 2017

mm_user              Fri Jun  23 11:36:48 2017

mm_user              Fri Jun  23 11:40:09 2017

mm_user              Fri Jun  23 11:40:18 2017

admin             Tue Jan   9 13:50:02 2018

admin            Tue Jan   9 15:38:31 2018


We can find 2 users are connecting the CLI command line. So, the free memory less than 80MB is the reason that storage enter minisystem mode.


3. Reboot controllers one by one using the commands below:

EX: reboot controller controller=<Controller ID>


First reboot controller A: reboot controller controller=0A

Wait until controller A rebooted then reboot controller B.

reboot controller controller=0B 








Root Cause

The storage software didn't release the memory after third-party software(like SNMP monitoring) inquiry information. After a few months, the memory was used more and more, finally it was less than the threshold(80MB).


1. Temporary solution:

Reboot controller one by one.

This frees up memory and disconnect all active CLI sessions.

2. Final solution:

Upgrade software version: Still unknown.


1. If you want to reset controller one by one, please choose a low performance period or arrange a maintenance window.

2. Please use OceanStor Toolkit implement health check and check the multipath status on hosts before reboot controller.